"Book of Changes": Three traps in life, escapeing is a Fu Broadcast article

In this 独家资讯life, there are three major traps: greed, impetuous, stubborn.

Early see clearly, avoiding it is blessing.



"Yi Jing · Yi Gua": "There are thunder under the mountain, Yi. The gentleman uses cautious words and eats diet."

"Zhuangzi" said: "The nest is in the Shenlin, but a branch;

The birds are in the deep forest's house, but they occupy a branch; the rats drink water by the river, and they know how to stop drinking.

Everything in the world seems to know the principle of "being too late".

The greed of human beings seems to be unable to fill the bottom.

As the saying goes: people's hearts are unsatisfactory, and they often meet disasters and sorrows; in thirty -three days, high -rise buildings are still needed.

Greed is the largest trap in life.

Wealth and arrogance will definitely destroy themselves.

[Ninth day] The words said: "Shelin tortoise, watch me."

I was a psychic tortoise, and I could get longevity without diet.

Just because of seeing others, he was greedy and moved.

It means that people's hearts are not enough snake swallowing.

It is not used to put a lot of resources, but it is greedy for extra gifts.

"Huainanzi" has a saying: "Lin Yuan envy the fish, it is better to retreat and weave the net."

Eyes are always staring at others. Whenever they see others enjoy, they will rise inside.

You can see the flowers and applause in front of you, but you can't see the effort and hardship behind it.

If you do not work, you will only want to sit and enjoy it, which will lead to danger.

Abandoning greed and choosing to give up and give up in the face of desire.

This is what a wise man should have.



"The Book of Changes · Kun Gua": "The terrain Kun, the gentleman is loaded with thick morality."

Calm and thickness is a kind of virtue that allows us to avoid impetuousness.

Kun Gua tells us that being a person should imitate the land.

With the tolerance of virtue, all things carry everything.

Not arrogant or impatient, the thicker, the more blessed.

[June 4th] The words said: "Includes the sac. No blame, no reputation."

To quit your impetuousness, you must be careful.

As the saying goes: the sky is self -contained, and the ground is self -evident.

Holding your own mouth, just like tightening the money bag.

Even though this will not bring you honor, but it will not cause disaster.

[Upper six] The words said: "The dragon is in the wild, and its blood is yellow."

When the penetration was very prosperous, he tried to fight with Yanglong in the field.

However, the yin cannot be better than the yang, and the blood of the penetration is sprinkled between the heavens and the earth.

This hexagram warned us,If you are in trouble, you can forget the shape, but the result will only be self -humiliated.



"Book of Changes · Fairy": "The ruler is suspected, so as to believe in.

The way of survival lies in being flexed and extended.

The bugs contracted the body to better stretch; the dragon dormant into a snake to protect itself.

The more stubborn people, the narrower the road, the more single the idea.

Stubbornness and not understanding change are the third largest trap in life.

The 17th of "Book of Books · Sui Gua", said:

"There is a thunder in Zezhong, and when he just comes, the world is soft. At any time, the gentleman enters the banquet with a vague."

The Thunder did not enter Daze, and masculinity lived under the feminine.

The gentleman ended the day of work in the evening and returned to home to rest.

It is to keep the light and act on the camera.

"Said the Words" said that the word "Sui" is the meaning of easy and obedience.

Nature is no different from personnel. Knowing progress must be retired.

The meaning of the hexagram is to conform to the situation and abandon stubbornness.


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