The theme series of the theme series of the first school youth meeting officially started shooting and broadcast articles

China Youth Daily,时事新闻 Nanning, September 8th (Yi Jingyun Zhongqing Daily · China reporter Xie Yang) This morning, the theme series of the theme series of the Youth Youth League was officially launched in Nanning.

The series of micro -movies are divided into three short films: "Little Osmanthus", "Qianlong Tengyuan" and "Feiyang". With "small people changing the big world" as the main narrative line, by paying attention to the stories and daily details of ordinary people, they show "ordinary people".Courage, persistence and warmth, and the challenges and confusion they faced in daily life, eventually completed the story of the transformation of the school youth field through hard work.

On the morning of September 8th, the Micro -film startup ceremony of the theme series of the Youth Youth League was held in Nanning.Yijingyun/Photo

Among them, "Little Osmanthus" is based on Wei Xiaoyuan, a Guangxi woman gymnast, as the prototype, telling the story of the protagonist Xiao Guihua who overcome the difficulties to participate in the Xueqing Society Gymnastics competition with the support of his family."Qianlong Tengyuan" is the prototype of Zhang Pei Mian, the free fighting champion of the north of the sea, and describes the Guangxi youth Zhang Xiaolong (邬 天), who advocates the spirit of the rivers and lakes to achieve growth and transformation during the boxing training process.The story of the Youth Youth League."Feiyang" is based on the theme of hip -hop, telling that the protagonist Huang Weiming fell into self -doubts after making a mistake in the hip -hop competition. The dissolution dance group went home to sell fruits. Finally, he fell into a dilemma.In the process, he further understood the true meaning of Perak Dance, and finally stood on the Youth Youth League field to show his dance skills.

The total length of the series of micro -film shooting is about 24 minutes. The main creative team will adapt art under the premise of loyalty to real events, and use film and television art creation to show the audience to the audience's young athletes and young groups of young people.The style presents a visual meal rich in the humanistic elements rich in Guangxi.


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