Li Zaiming was stabbed, and Yin Xiyue gave a response. Is the leader behind the scenes related to the person in power?

During this First-line information websitetime, a series of things in South Korea's political circles confirmed that Korean society is more "magical" compared with the world's famous Korean dramas.

At about 10:30 local time in South Korea, South Korea's largest first in the wild party, Li Zaiming, was attacked by a man when he participated in an event in Busan.According to Korean media reports, the murderer was about 50 years old. When he was close to Li Zaiming, he also wore a paper crown with supported Li Zaiming.After following Li Zaiming, he quickly took out a 20 -centimeter long knife and stabbed straight towards Li Zaiming's neck.

Although the security personnel on the field responded quickly, they immediately opened the man and arrested him, but Li Zaiming, who was stabbed, fainted on the spot, and the blood flow was not stopped.Later, Li Zaiming was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment and underwent suture surgery.Today, according to the accurate news of the Korean side, Li Zaiming's consciousness is sober, and there is no danger to life for the time being.

In the past 2023, the co -Democratic Party, who was competing with the current President Yin Xiyue for the President's throne, Li Zaiming, Li Zaiming,What has passed is very bumpy.

At the beginning of the year, he was titled by the suspect of the criminal and became the first person to receive the prosecutor's message during his tenure.In September, he began a hunger strike protest because he was over -tolerant of the Yin Xiyue government on the issue of nuclear sewage discharge in Japan.By 19 days in operation, he was taken to the hospital for treatment and interrupted a hunger strike.Now that it is attacked in the event, all kinds of experiences are really sighing.

In this context, there will be no doubtIs the behind -the -scenes leader of this attack related to the person in power?

After Li Zaiming was attacked, Yin Xiyue also responded immediately. He said that in any circumstances, in any case, he would not tolerate this violence.He also said that he had instructed the police and relevant departments to conduct an investigation, demanding that the truth was immediately found, and promised to provide Li Zaiming with the best treatment services.

So from now on, it is hard to say who is the leader behind it.

But it is certain,Li Zaiming's attack was the bitter fruit of political disputes in South Korea.

The internal fighting of South Korea's politics did not start with Yin Xiyue and Li Zaiming, but the problems between the ruling party and the opposition party.If you go back, you can even go to the Korean dynasty, that is, when the Republic of Korea has not been established, the Korean political faction has fought for various differences.

However, in recent years, the phenomenon of political opposition has become more serious. For example, after Li Mingbo's investigation of Roh Moo -hyun, Roh Moo -hyun committed suicide; Park Geun -hye's inaugural speech did not mention the "unity" of the wild party at all;Yin Xiyue did not hide the dislike of Li Zaiming and his party, and directly hinted that he had no intention of communicating with him.

The reason why Li Zaiming attacked was because the opposition of politics had extended to the folk.

At the beginning of last year, the Korean media had conducted a public opinion survey about young people's political tendencies.40%of the Koreans said that they would not eat with people with different political stances.Among young people over 20 years old, more than half of them said that they will not marry people from different political parties.

In the context of opposition between politics and the people, two serious problems have occurred.

The first is that South Korean politicians elections are everything. As long as they can be selected, they will pay any price at all.Therefore, Li Zaiming's attack on the outside world also speculated that it may be preparing for the 2024 Congress election, and through the attention and sympathy to achieve the checks and balance of Yin Xiyue government.

In addition, the ruling party, who has won elections, will be more keen to protect the interests of themselves and teams after winning, but they will not care about the actual problems of the people.For example, for example, the workers are now proud of South Korea, and the workers now demand to restore the reduced wages, but the ruling party and enterprise in turn require them to make damage compensation.

So this also led to the emergence of the second problem,It is the young Korean group, which is the most influenced by politics, and has become a "timing bomb" in society.

Every weekend, young supporters of different parties will gather in places with many people and carry out rally dueling activities. The shouting here is "Yin Xiyue stepped down", and the other side shouts "arrest Li Zaiming".

Coupled with the short history of South Korea and different political people, there are no suitable ways to solve the differences, and dialogue coordination is even more.So they are more inclined to completely solve the problem by doing the way you die and me.

Therefore, this also has a subtle effect on the way young people solve the problem.In recent years, various non -different attacks have occurred in South Korea, and most of the criminals are young people around 20 years old.Before the attack, these young people will also release the so -called "murder preview", such as throwing explosives in the lobby of the municipal government, killing people at subway stations, and so on.


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