Living in the only luxurious hotel next to the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, the food strolling exhibition, and the new way of vacation, a broadcast articles

Themoment information website Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the new city of the Western Convention and Exhibition in Shenzhen, close to Baoan Airport. It is located at the top of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, the Pearl River Delta Center and the Guangdong Free Trade Zone Center.Super World -class exhibition complex.

As an important node and economic center city of the global industrial chain supply chain, Shenzhen has become increasingly active. There are countless various types of exhibitions every year in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.The museums are crowded and lively. It is definitely a place where Shenzhen is very popular and commercial.There are many commercial complexes and high -end hotels around the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, providing an excellent business travel experience for elites in global exhibitions, business and cities.

This time, I went to the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center to visit the exhibition and chose to stay in the intercontinental hotel of the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, which was opened this year. Its geographical location and convenient transportation were very convenient. You can arrive at the exhibition hall for 8 minutes.This is the third intercontinental hotel in Shenzhen, and the only international luxury brand hotel tailored for Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Once opened, it was popular with high -end business travelers and leisure scattered customers.

The design of the Intercontinental Hotel in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is quite interesting. It is based on the elements such as the Pearl River Sailing, water pattern, and tidal.The elements in the process explain the development of the city with modern design techniques and exquisite craftsmanship.

From the noisy and noisy roads into the hotel wrapped in bamboo forests, the door is flowing, the breeze of bamboo, and two waves of wave sculptures in the circular pool. It is engraved with the context of the city in Shenzhen, which has the meaning of breaking the waves and sailing.The tranquility and peace that is hidden in the city feels comfortable.

Entering the three -in -type lobby and entering the hallway, a sculpture in front of the eyes is designed with the concept of Shenzhen urban roads and architectural reflection, which shows the colorful and colorful Shenzhen;

In the second lobby, a giant art device stands on the wall, and the vertical and horizontal Shenzhen cities have jumped up. The figurative content is abstract.

Three entrance to the front desk, the ship sailed, the pearls flickered, and the busy sea transport showed the vigorous vitality of Shenzhen.

The hotel has 359 luxury rooms and suite, with a room area of 50 square meters. The space design is transparent and privacy. It mainly fights warm gray tones.Living space.

The room design praises the changes and vitality of the city. The abstract geometric art expression on the bedside background wall expresses the "urban festival". The carpet pattern is inspired by the "urban silhouette", and the details are all ingenious and luxurious.You can enjoy the prosperous cities and the Fuhai River view through the panoramic floor -to -ceiling windows.

The room is also equipped with intelligent control system, intelligent light mode, etc.Highlight the integration of nature and technology.Bathing space is equipped with independent bathtubs, step -type shower and independent dressing tables, with smart toilets and Byredo bath products.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the hotel also has 3 wonderful intercontinental Itun parent -child suite, which focuses on the design of the Idon sea wheel element design, creating a strong navigation atmosphere, making people look like a sea luxury cruise ship, a sense of interestCompletely.

Although it is newly opened,Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition CenterThe production of restaurants surprised me very much.The hotel provides a variety of catering services, possessCaifeng Tower Chinese RestaurantAs well asYuequan Restaurant, 1872 · lobby lounges and bar restaurants and bars (open next year)Wait, provide guests with various foods and social space.

Hotel Caifeng Building Chinese Restaurant is a high -end Chinese food brand under the intercontinental. This is the first Caifeng Building in Shenzhen. It is located on the 2nd floor. It is designed to integrate flying birds and feather elements. The color is bright and luxurious.RestaurantFounder of Caifeng Shiwei, famous Cantonese Caudin Star Kitchen KitchenMaster Liang Guihong is sitting in the town, mainly produced by new Cantonese cuisine and fusion vegetables, including traditional Cantonese snacks, Kyushu wines, Caifeng good wine, Jiuzhou selected tea, etc.

Recently, the hotel Caifeng Building Chinese Restaurant released the year -old menu of the intercontinental "ten cities, ten flavors of dragons and phoenix".During the stay, I was fortunate to have tasted a rich and delicious 2024 dragon and phoenix in advance.Master Liang, who has the rich experience in Michelin restaurant and Black Pearl RestaurantOn -site cooking brings you a variety of food feasts that have a lot of taste, smell, touch, vision, and hearing.

Caifeng Building 2024 flavor menu, ten cities and ten flavors, all ten beauty, including 10 exquisite cold vegetable snacks, flames, cashmere oysters, Ruyiyou chicken, Liancheng Baiya Tanggang Honggang mussels, Lailey leafy green onion burstJixi dry pot stewed with rice coke, Yaozhu radish silk salty dumplings noodles, stallow bird's nest coconut coconut horseshoe and other delicious dishes.

"Flame Rushan Oyster" has a 15 -minute dry oyster, drizzle with strong wine to ignite, showing "oyster love", with special -made Sichuan juice, the taste is even more wonderful.

"Ruyi Flower Carving Chicken" is perfectly selected by the mountain forest hemp chicken and the ten -year flower carving pure brewing.

"Fresh abalone streams stewed with rice coke" dry pot fresh abalone, meat bounces, with rice coke, innovative eating, making people want to stop.

The duck soup stewed for a long time of "Liancheng Baiya Decoction and Zhanggang Gang" is clear as water but fresh and fragrant. It is poured into the open Zhanggang mussels.

andCaifeng Building Chinese Restaurant, produced by Chinese restaurantsTraditional Cantonese snacks are also commendable.At noon on the second day of staying, I was enjoying the Cantonese refreshment,Not only is the production rich, the taste is authentic, but also the cost -effectiveness is very happy, it is not often full on weekends.

Yuequan Restaurant is located on the 1st floor. It is elegant and stylish. The restaurant mainly produces global beauty and local specialty dishes. Daily supply zero -point menu, buffet breakfast, holidays and weekends provide buffet dinner.The restaurant is surrounded by greenery, whether it is sitting indoors or outdoors, you can enjoy the lush greenness and vitality of the garden.

1872 · lobby lounges, located on the 1st floor, named after the birth of the ship investment bureau, with a sofa area, bar area, outdoor garden afternoon tea area.In a quiet and comfortable environment, it is definitely a good choice for business talks and leisure vacations while enjoying the beautiful scenery of outdoor courtyards and taste exquisite colorful afternoon tea.

The restaurant and bar are located on the 1st floor. The design concept originated from the Urban Museum and incorporated many bull symbolic elements to highlight the theme of the restaurant.Lord, known with international selection of wine, is expected to open next year.

The administrative wine gallery, located on the 19th floor, is a room for exclusive space for guest groups and administrative floors for intercontinental administrative clubs. It provides coffee and tea, exquisite afternoon tea and joyful time in the evening.

Although it is a luxury business hotel,Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is also very suitable for vacation. In additionPark facilityIt can also make people enjoy joy.

The 3rd floor of the hotel has a gym, yoga room, an infinity room in the heights of the heating pool, and a massage vortex bath pool, a professional sweat steaming house and sauna.It is a good place to swallow sweat after meals and exercise fitness.

In addition, the hotel also has an intercontinental expert parent -child paradise, which is also integrated into the design of the Inton sea wheel element design, leading children to explore mysterious navigation journey, and is loved by parent -child families.

As a business luxury hotel,Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition CenterOver 3,300 square meters of indoor and foreign banquets and conference venues are available, which are located on the 1-3 floors. There are multiple banquet halls, multi-functional halls and outdoor courtyards, outdoor wedding lawns, to make various high-end meetings, grand wedding banquets and private customization.Party provides a variety of choices.

StayIntercontinental Hotels in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center can also easily explore the surroundings, and it is more convenient to visit the exhibition.During my stay, I walked to the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center to watch a restaurant theme joint exhibition.

In leisure time, find a heart -seeking hotel vacation in the city, taste food, look at the exhibition, and enjoy a relaxed and comfortable holiday.

Address: No. 93, Fusong Bay, No. 93, Fuyuan 2nd Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province


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