Opinion before January 3

It rose three consecutive days before the festival,Hot discussion information website and the expectations of the increase after the holiday.Today's market shrinkage,,Returning to more than 700 billion yuan, two days before the photovoltaic festival, mainly because the institution is too deep to make the net worth, there will be backflow but it is difficult to focus on; military industry, nuclear power, etc. are news stimulus.There is a high probability that there is no sustainability, I would like to miss the first advantage.
The next market is still very difficult. It is expected that it is difficult to do on Wednesday. It is recommended

MR direction: Yesterday Apple's rating was lowered,It is estimated that it will have a certain impact on consumer electronics and MR, butThis industry logic is better,Many subdivided things are from 0 to 1, so this piece should still have expectedLook at the chance of low suction.
Chinese online: Today is good for being fulfilled. Look at low -sucking opportunities underwater or opportunities for weak bidding.

Message surface:
The uncertainty of photovoltaic and MR is high. I personally look at the relatively high medical sector
[Cinda Medicine] "Outpatient Clinic Coordinating Land+Prescription Circulation Platform" accelerate the outflow of prescriptions, attach importance to the investment opportunity of the chain pharmacy sector The stable standards include Yifeng Pharmacy & ordinary people, and#elastic targets include Dashenlin, Yixintang, Jianzhijia, etc.
[Ejiao & Jiangzhong] The equity incentives of the two major China Resources Chinese medicine companies have been implemented one after another, clarifying performance goals, stimulating the enthusiasm of enterprises, and optimistic about the main opportunities for the reform of Chinese medicine and state -owned enterprises!【Debon Medicine】Recommended attention to Tai Chi Group, Kunyao Group
Zhifei Bio: Innovative medicine, there isBrokerage investigations mentioned the cooperative relationship with overseas giants with an RSV vaccine. Technically, Zhifei fell below 57.3 and there should be better buying pointsEssence
[Renewal of the National Gold and Hydrogen Energy Perspective] The outbreak of the green hydrogen project is about to be optimistic about the storage and storage links
Core recommendation combination: Shenghui Technology, Hua Halone, Kuwa, Furite, Guohong Hydrogen Energy
German Cai Co., Ltd.-Guohuang announced that in December PSL net investment of 350 billion yuan, the first IP IP of the village of Decai City benefited directly
Virtue shares: virtual reality+photovoltaic, the two high bids of the market belong to the direction of the market.The Qingdao Virtual Real Reality Research Institute, which has participated in the shares of Germany, is currently the only national innovation center.The mortgage supplementary loan (PSL) restarted, invested in the villages of the city, the affordable housing, and the new urbanization of Decai shares.
Another subject matter that needs to be noted is the successful signing of the China -Myanmar Burning Port Leasing Agreement.This allows China to bypass the Malacca Strait. If the development is smooth, it is of great significance to China.Pay attention to whether Yunnan Urban Investment and Beixin Road Bridge can strengthen.


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