Liang Anqi participated in a bowl of luxury activities a bowl of water, not with Meng Yao, nor did He Chaoxin He Chaoying broadcast articles

Liang Anqi was very expensive and appeared in Macau's cheongsam activities. It was amazing.As one of the women's gambler He Hongzhang,热门新闻 Li Wanhua Lan Qiongzheng left. Chen Wanzhen enjoyed life quietly. Only Liang Anqi came out of socially, and her physical condition looked very good. She was really enviable.

Liang Anqi participated in the activities of many rich women this time, and also gave the outside world a good impression.That is, although Liang Anqi has two daughters and a daughter -in -law, Liang Anqi has no eccentricity.I really do what I said in "The Travel of Love", and I will treat Xi Mengyao as the daughter of my biological daughter.

When Liang Anqi went out to be social, she did not let her daughter -in -law Li Mengyao follow himself, but did not deliberately bring her two daughters He Chaoxin, He Chaoying.Let ’s take a look at Liang Anqi's bowl of water in detail. Maybe you will feel that it is really more and more pleasing.

First, Liang Anqi did not take care of her daughter -in -law, so she did not bring Xun Mengyao when she went out.

It stands to reason that now Meng Yao is the only daughter -in -law of Liang Anqi, so when Liang Anqi went out to be social, she really took care of Xi Mengyao and could bring Xun Mengyao.After all, Meng Mengyao has entered the Gambling King's He Hongzhang family for 6 years, but has not participated in many activities so far, and there are very few social networks in Hong Kong.

But even if Liang Anqi participated in luxury activities, she felt that she would not bring Xi Mengyao.Therefore, even if Mengyao is now a giant daughter -in -law, her relationship with her mother -in -law is not bad, or she does not ask for anything, she has a child and a daughter, which makes people feel that they do not get the giants so much.

Secondly, Liang Anqi did not have eccentric daughters, so daughter -in -law did not go to He Chaoxin He Chaoying and didn’t go.

Liang Anqi wore a top emerald necklace this time to participate in the event. It was a good thing that she had no eccentricity.That is, Liang Anqi did not make people feel that she was eccentric daughter and did not take care of her daughter -in -law.Liang Anqi has two daughters He Chaoying, He Chaoxin, in fact, she is not very old. She needs her mother to introduce her contacts to her.

However, Liang Anqi did not take the daughter's social interaction with his hands, so that his daughters knew their friends, but that Xi Mengyao did not take care of it. He Chaoxin He Chaoying did not take care of it.The main thing is to take care of themselves and let the children find ways to have their own circles, instead of playing around with their mother.

Third, Liang Anqi is unwilling to be older, four children and daughter -in -law, all of them are busy with their own things.

In fact, if you look closely at the way Chen Wanzhen and Liang Anqi raise children, you will find very different.Chen Wanzhen himself said that the children most hope that the children are happy, the children are happy, and their careers are not forced.However, Liang Anqi's feeling is that they have high requirements. Not only do they want the children to be happy, but the children also give high requirements in their careers.

The most obvious requirement is that it is not allowed to be old.He Chaoxin is the youngest child, but now he must work hard by himself, that is, graduated from college. Children of other ordinary families have a different year.Essence

Xun Mengyao is estimated that at the beginning, he thought he was too high to enter the giants, and many things did not need to do.Therefore, in the past few years when I got married, I did n’t work. Now I ’m filming by myself.He Yanjun started his own business, and he also took his wife to make money on variety shows.

He Chaoying himself was bringing a baby. It is said that he operated a collection company while running a collection company, but it was relatively low -key. He Yongheng himself took over the family business.


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