Meghan's new shape takes a luxurious route, wearing gold and silver is full of famous brands.

Meghan's new shape takes a luxurious route,重大新闻 wearing gold and silver is full of famous brands, and it is shining than "Christmas Tree".

The Duke of Sussex was controversial. It turned out that she was just a little actor and changed her inheritance through marriage.Prince Harry is a full love brain. He would rather give up the title of the prince and also get the favor of "Cinderella".

Meghan's new look began to take the luxurious route, wearing gold and silver, and full of famous brands, it was eye -catching and shining than the "Christmas tree".According to foreign media breaking news, Meghan wore £ 7680 jewelry, including his beloved Cartier bracelet.

A group of fashion blockbusters were shot for "Variety Show". The forty -one -year -old Meghan aura was fully opened. After leaving the royal family, he actually became a domineering queen.This issue is to miss Queen Elizabeth and share her favorite American fast food.

The shooting address was selected in the Santos Doro Ranch. The former princess Meghan was fully armed and appeared in front of the camera in the best state.Meghan took the luxurious route, necklaces, earrings and bracelets were all available, and leaving the royal family was still colorful.

Although the outside world constantly criticized Meghan, it was relaxed and comfortable when she appeared in the photo, and was completely unprepared by negative news.The most luxurious item in the overall shape is Jennifer Fisher, the jewelry designer of New York City, designed the Cartier Love bracelet.

As we all know, Meghan likes jewelry and Chinese clothing. After leaving the royal family, he still lives the life of paper drunk gold fans. It does not matter whether Harry's wallet can bear.The new look this time is really fashionable and shining. I wear gold and silver all over my body, like a lady's wife.

The most eye -catching is the necklace. The design of the arc is simple and stylish, which was designed by Jennifer Felhr.The design of the empty pipe is unique and can be worn before and after, and the unique appearance is eye -catching.

The hairstyle is very simple, just combed an ordinary ponytail.The focus is on the accessories. Magen wears gold earrings and gold rings, and her body is full of famous brands, like a glittering Christmas tree.

When participating in the "Variety" magazine interview, Meghan changed to a black silk shirt, and his brown hair naturally hanged down.With gold earrings and rose rings, it gives a sense of grace and luxury.

Meghan's favorite jewelry is the bracelet with a value of about 5,000 pounds. This is her favorite style, and she has been worn many times when she appeared in the photo.Duke of Sussex is a well -known beauty, and the cost of installation and beauty expenses exceeded Princess Kate and became the most local family members of the royal family.

In the royal family, there are still scruples. Now Meghan and Harry have a loss of profit and loss, of course, the more luxurious the better.Regardless of whether he was attending business or interviews, Meghan liked to wear gold and silver, showing his own local tyrants.

The reason why Meghan is now on the luxury jewelry because she had touched nails in the royal family.According to the British media, Meghan wanted to wear a grandmother to get married, but was rejected by the royal family. In the end, he could only wear Queen Mary's crown.

The Queen Mary's Crown is about 2 million pounds, which is a gift from George V to the queen.It was built in the 1930s, and it has historical value at the same time. It was once the favorite crown of Queen Mary.

In fact, after Meghan was married to the royal family, she wore a lot of luxury jewelry than Princess Kate.According to statistics from the British media, there are more than 50 antique jewelry worn by Princess Meghan, wearing gold and silver like a Christmas tree.

Princess Kate is much lower -key, and almost does not wear royal antique jewelry, most of the jewelry comes from Princess Diana.After Megan left the royal family, he refused to return Diana's jewelry.

Among them, the famous sea blue gem rings, Cartier French tank watches, and golden turquoise earrings.Meghan was famous for her jewelry. After leaving the British royal family, she continued to wear Diana's jewelry to shook the market, causing countless controversy.

In addition, Meghan also likes high dresses. The wardrobe is luxury and big names. Every time she appears, it is extremely luxurious.It is no wonder that many young girls are liked by many young girls, and think that Meghan is perfectly combined with classical and modern, which is simply a walking rack.

According to British media, Meghan inherited the 125,000 pounds of Diana's jewelry, but only the zero of Princess Kate.Because of the contempt and exclusion of the royal family, Princess Meghan attaches great importance to eating and wearing, and she must show a distinguished identity everywhere.

When Meghan was just married into the royal family, she imitated Princess Diana everywhere, and was well received by the outside world.However, after leaving the royal family, she directly took away a lot of private jewelry of Dai Fei, causing questions from the outside world.


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