Fu Boyan: Drive industrial innovation, open a new chapter in digital China

On December 21,热门新闻 2023, the "2023 China Big Data Technology Application Conference" hosted by the China Information Association Big Data Branch and hosted by the National Run Internet Information Technology Research Institute was grandly held in Beijing.Fu Boyan, president of the Big Data Branch of the China Information Association, attended the conference and gave an opening speech.

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Fu Boyan, President of the Big Data Branch of the China Information Association

Big data is the 21st century strategic resource and a new driving force for social progress and economic development.In recent years, the development of my country's big data industry has achieved remarkable achievements. Big data -related technologies, products, applications, and standards have developed rapidly, and the big data industry ecosystem covers data infrastructure, data analysis, and data resource sector.The large -scale gathering of data resources has laid a solid foundation for the development of the digital economy.

President Fu pointed out that 2023 is an important year for the development of the big data industry in my country, and it is also a key node for digital transformation in my country.In October of this year, the National Data Bureau was officially listed. This is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee and the trend of reviewing the situation. It is a major reform of optimizing data management institutions and responsibilities.The new situation of the establishment of a data basic system, the integration, sharing, development and utilization of data resources, and the promotion of digital China construction.The establishment of the National Data Agency will help strengthen the supply of data element systems, build a data circulation system, and activate data productivity. It is of great significance for building a new development pattern, building a modern economic system, and a new advantage of national competition.

He emphasized that at present, my country is in a critical period of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and it is also facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.In the tide of global digital transformation, we must grasp the new trend of big data development, explore new paradigms of big data applications, and tap the new value of big data elements.In response to the current status of the development of the big data industry, President Fu put forward four suggestions: 1. Strengthen the innovative research and development of big data technology and enhance the core competitiveness of big data; 2. Expand the breadth and depth of the application of big data, release the hugePotential; 3. Improve the rules and systems of big data ecology to ensure the security and compliance of big data; 4. Promote the openness and exchanges of big data cooperation to achieve win -win and sharing of big data.


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