Hermes perfume exudes a luxurious atmosphere in your breath!Broadcast article

Author: Zhu Ziao Biao

Can't afford Ai Hams' bags,real time news website but it is still possible to buy Hermès perfumes fiercely. Both of them are relatively popular models.

Both models are

The fragrance of flowers and fruit, the taste of the Nile Garden just sprayed like a bitter grapefruit, that is, the sisters who often eat grapefruit should know that the kind of fragrance opened by grapefruit has a bit of bitter feeling, which is much better in the later period.Xiao Hui will go directly in the feeling of jasmine orange blossoms, sour and sweet flower and fruit fragrance

Speaking of the Hermes Garden series.The flavor of perfume is very light as a whole, and the chance of stepping on the thunder is small. I think it should be the most suitable commercial fragrance!

The Nile Garden is a must-have perfume, perfume flavor and bottle-like summer. The overall belongs to very fresh, suitable for spring and summer, not picking people.As soon as it was sprayed, it was a bit of astringent bridge flavor (some people said like a big grapefruit flavor). Anyway, I feel that the taste runs through the entire middle and rear tone. Over time, the smell will become softer and better, and it will get better and better.It smells clean, pure but with a trace of agility.The aroma of citrus and grapefruit is very light. Carefulness will find that the scent of citrus is also included

Green leaves and floral fragrance, mango and tomato provides a sweet and sour taste. The overall feeling is that the wind blows the forest next to the Nile. The fragrance is mixed with the feeling of sweet and sweet fragrance, but it will have some fat powder.The median water lilies brought a sweet and moist feeling to the aroma, and the taste of Mugu was also very restored. Peony was combined with the culprit and the lotus, and the fat powder was more obvious, but the incense was still fresh and beautiful.The wooden tone was slightly revealed in the back.The aroma of the back tone is relatively gentle and wide, the taste of cinnamon is heavier-point, a little bit of mango aroma, moisturizing and fruit

Fragrance, but the fragrance is still a bit sharp, overall, you will feel a faint flower and fruit aroma with a slight wood smell, not sweet and not greasy, but also with a herbal flavor.

This is also my favorite incense in this series. Most of the time in summer is spraying it.

Mr. Li's garden is a bit more refreshing than the Nile. It smells like a big lemon, which is more sour. Coupled with some mint and jasmine's floral fragrance neutralize, the overall taste is also sweet and sour, but the Big Nile River is refreshing ~

Mr. Li's garden is a yellow bottle. At first, it was a very obvious green lemon aroma. Kumquat was scattered.the taste of.Some netizens commented that "rather than kumquats, it is better to say that the shadow of kumquats" as if it was washed many times, this is still more agreed, it is roughly this feeling.The rear tone actually belongs to the feeling of Rouzhong, plus mint and Lelly.The smell will be intriguing.

A bottle of perfume,

Represents a person's heart and preference, some taste is hard and cold, some taste elegant, some are strong, and some are like a warm sun in the spring. Sometimes spraying perfume depends entirely on the mood.So try a lot!There will always be a perfume flavor that is in line with your mood.

To sum up, both are comparison with refreshing flowers and fruits and perfumes. It smells not greasy at all. It feels sweet and sour. There is no rouge gouache. It is a refreshing flavor.If you want to be sweet, start with the Nile.


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