He Yanjun's old love rushed to cool the wind and drove the luck. His father was 19.5 billion yuan.

He Yanjun's old Ailin Huili was the news that Singapore's stock was Wang Linrong. In 2017,First-line information website the news that he had been married and had children. Although the marriage failed, he had a good relationship with his son. There were many photos with baby on his social network.

In a few days, I stepped into 2024. Lin Huili accepted blessings in advance. On the previous day (23rd), photos were posted on the social network. In the photo, I saw the Thai monks prayed to their homes, and then went to the garden platform to flush flowers and drove away.The mildew is declining, and the new year is coming.

In addition to Lin Huili, her son also accepted blessings together. Although under the recent cold temperature, she received the rushing ceremony outdoors.EssenceLike her mother Lin Huili, her son showed his sincerity.After the two mothers and sons, they poured the water that had been prayed into the trees and believed that they were safe for the house.

Lin Huili, who was born in a rich family, reached US $ 2.5 billion (about 19.5 billion Hong Kong dollars), and was ranked 12 in the Singaporea Rich List. He is currently the owner of the Valencia Football Club.Lin Huili can be described as worry -free, and often takes a luxurious life photo of IG. Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Korean actress Zheng Xiuyan are all her guests. In addition to many famous cars and brand -name bags, Lin Huili sat more privately from time to time.The plane traveling around the country, and her house where she lived was so big that she could make her son stepping on a bicycle indoors. Netizens saw that they were very envious.

Although there were tens of billions of net worth, Lin Huili had a bumpy way. After breaking up with He Yanjun in 2015, Lin Huili married Xu Binkai in high -profile in 2017. He gave birth to his son in July of the same year.The behavior was sentenced to imprisonment, but Xu Binkai attended the family activities of the Lin family before he was prison, and maintained a good relationship with Laozhang and his ex -wife.

Lin Huili and the first husband Xu Binkai had a good relationship, and the other party also attended the birthday of his former father.

Lin Huili's flash marriage in 2022 to the IT boyfriend Leslie, the scene of the great gifts made a lot of netizens open, gold jewelry, Hermes bag, Rolex watches, and the gift value of more than 11.53 million Hong Kong dollars, but the marriage crisis was reported in 2 months of marriage.


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