I have to say that the wearing of the goddess of the sun has taste!Simple atmosphere, 40 -year -old woman can refer to the broadcast article

The爆料资讯 taste of Japanese women is indeed amazing. Their dress style is comfortable and simple, full of high -end sense, which is especially suitable for 40 -year -old women.They know how to balance the low -key luxury and daily comfort, so as to show a unique elegant elegance in the workplace or in social occasions. Such dresses can make 40 -year -old women emit a confident and charming temperament.

If you also want to improve your dressing taste, let's start with the wearing of the goddesses of these days, and see what skills can be learned by their styling.

The first part, the wearing skills of the goddess of the Japanese miscellaneous goddess

1. Simple clothes, not exaggerated

Dressing does not pursue exaggerated decoration or excessive publicity, but pays attention to the coordination of materials, colors and styles. Their costumes are usually comfortable, durable, and practical fabrics, such as cotton, hemp, silk, etc.

These fabrics can not only adapt to various occasions, but also reflect the gentle temperament of women. At the same time, their dress styles are also very simple, and they will not pursue fashion elements too much, but pay more attention to the overall harmony and decentness.

Therefore, when you explore the matching of these Japanese girls in detail, you can find that the dress in their daily life is very low -key and simple.

Basic coats or long skirts, trousers are clothing that they often use in their daily life. Use these items to match, reflecting the strong taste of middle -aged women, which looks full of charm.

2. Good at matching accessories to increase refinement

Very good at using accessories to improve the grade of the overall shape. Whether it is a simple handbag or exquisite jewelry, they can add a sense of refinement to their dress.It will not look too bland.

With the advent of winter, I also began to try to put on scarves. These super practical accessories have a high sense of presence in their shapes.

3, the hairstyle is not dragged

In addition, the selection of hairstyles is very particular. It is often mainly based on simple and generous shapes. It can highlight the advantages of the facial features and also look very elegant.

For example, they like to cut short hair or tie the ball head. These hairstyles are more fashionable and temperamental than ordinary hair.

Second, look at the matching of these day -to -god goddesses

In color matching, we rarely see these Japanese women trying that kind of flower -green dress, but in their styling.

Black and white and gray these foundation will have a stronger sense of color. The basic color like this is actually more high -level than that colorful color. It looks more advanced, decent, and naturally improves its temperament.

When matching, it also focuses on the charm of women. For example, choosing a high -waisted skirt to match the femininity, thereby enhancing the charming temperament of women, and also highlighting the figure curve. This kind of dress is not monotonous at all.Charming.

They are also good at superimposed these basic models to show more different styles, just like coats or various woolen jackets that many people usually ignore. Although the style is simple, as long as you can match it, you can wear differently.Effect.

Women show different beauty through stacking and mixing and mixing, and this dress also makes the style more diverse.


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