"Yueyong Haidian New Year's Eve Consumption Festival and Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory Science and Technology Park Commercial Street Ceremony" officially launched a broadcast article

China Net/China Development Portal News On December 22,热门新闻 the Haidian District Commerce Bureau held a launching ceremony of 2023-2024 Beijing Consumer Season · Yue Dong New Year Consumption Festival in Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory Science and Technology Park.Consumption activities.

At the end of the year, the Yueyong Haidian series will be carried out through various forms of theme activities, bringing consumers to a variety of consumer experience activities: First, combine themes such as "New Year's Consumption Festival" and "Beijing Consumption Season" and other themesThe development of the activity guides the seven major business districts, major commercial enterprises in the district, and the theme neighborhood parks to carry out rich and diverse New Year's promotion activities in conjunction with their own characteristics to provide consumers with a variety of consumption and experience options; the second is to continue to dig potentials andIntegrate the advantages of regional resources, combine platforms such as Douyin and Meituan to carry out theme activities such as local life festivals to help offline merchants sell; third, strengthen the Haidian consumer brand matrix, hold the "Huangzhong Xiaoji" at the Dazhong Temple Guzhong MuseumActivities, combine traditional cultural scenes with high -quality brands, old -fashioned products, life services, etc., and continuously enrich the expansion of new consumer scenarios; fourth, combine traditional seasonal solar terms, carry out "winter dishes in the four seasons of health dishes"The theme activities such as the festival bring more diverse food experience to consumers; the fifth is to release food maps of the shopping mall shopping center in Haidian District, digging special dining foods, and providing consumers with diverse and personalized consumer choices.

It is understood that since the beginning of this year, Haidian District has accelerated the construction of international consumer centers, and continued to carry out the "2023-2024 Beijing Consumer Season · Yue Dong Haidian" series of activities.May 1st, Mid -Autumn Festival, National Day and other festivals, gathered various elements of cultural and sports brigades, and successively carried out a number of themes such as New Year's Consumption Season, Ice and Snow Consumption Season, and Spring Day.The market is booming, and the regional consumer market quickly recovers and heats up.From January to November 2023, Haidian District realized a zero of 258.16 billion yuan, an increase of 4%year-on-year.

At the event site, the street opening ceremony of the Beijing Satellite Factory Science and Technology Park was also held.

The Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Plant Science and Technology Park (formerly Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Plant Co., Ltd. Zhongguancun Factory District) is located at No. 63 Zhichun Road, Haidian District. It officially opened on April 28, 2023, becoming a high -end intelligent intelligent manufacturing demonstration window in Haidian District.

The park has an excellent geographical location, and the aerospace IP is prominent, attracting many merchants, and building a "small and beautiful" leisure consumer block along the Zhichunli subway line, driving the consumer market in Haidian District, and creating a new landmark of Haidian.

During the "2023-2024 Beijing Consumption Season · Yuemong Haidian New Year Consumption Festival", the park will bring triple discount gifts to consumers.I. Consumer scan the code to enter the "Star Star Hui" platform to buy a 50 % discount coupon; 2. Consumer punch card merchant store winning cultural and creative gifts; 3. Consumer scanning code can participate in exclusive communities to participate in the raffle.

Subsequent Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory Science and Technology Park will continue to launch a series of innovative measures and rich activities that promote consumption, continuously create new consumption scenarios, optimize new consumption layout, stimulate new consumption potential, contribute to continuously enriching the Haidian commercial consumer market, help the international international consumer market, and help the worldConsumer center city construction.

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