Congratulations!He Yiting's luxurious wedding, firefights, starfish, kiss, the wedding scene is so beautiful to the poem broadcast articles

TheCurrent affairs information website 29 -year -old 2017 Hong Kong sister runner -up He Yiting rumored to hold a wedding with her boyfriend Lin Sheng in Bali, Indonesia on Saturday (16th).Witness in life!

Today (18th) He Yiting posted a refined photo of the wedding on the social platform and announced that he has officially become his wife: "Thank you for your blessings. I also thank all relatives and friends who took time to the island to witness our love and for ourThe wedding left a good memory. A day to remember, please ask more for the rest of your life! "

The whole wedding was held in the Western Citrus ritual. The scene was beautiful and romantic, and the ritual was bursting. The ceremony continued from the day to night. A pair of newcomers embraced each other under the flower wall.It is comparable to idol dramas, and the bride is more beautiful. He even changed 4 wedding dresses and interacted with the groom to explode intimately.

Earlier, He Yiting also disclosed her husband's identity to "Sing Tao Global Network". She and her husband are college classmates. The other party is 30 years old. She is currently the owner of the logistics company.He Yiting praised her husband many times in the interview. Mr. Lin was kind and filial piety, and he was good for people. He supported her to continue working after marriage, and did not mind her filming with Ma Guoming.


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