Bentley Tianyue's long wheelbase Mulliner version first, luxurious and invincible!Broadcast article

Author: 830oooo

At the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show,breaking news website Bentley Tianyue's long wheelbase Mulliner version ushered in the launch. Compared with the ordinary version of the Timoto wheelbase, it is 180mm. It is equipped with aerospace seat kit and an exclusive appearance and interior kit.

In terms of interior, the new car will have Mulliner's exclusive three -dimensional light -like door pedal and MULLLLLENER dark velvet carpet. The cockpit interior provides eight three -color color matching schemes designed by the Mulliner team.The three colors in the color scheme are used in the main leather, auxiliary leather, and emphasizing the color leather.The eight three -color color matching schemes correspond to their respective themes, including the theme color matching of Tottenham Red, Whale Black, and Liney White, and the "storm" theme color matching consisting of dark blue, black and white emphasis.In addition, you can also choose any three colors to customize the MULLLLER color color scheme with a total of nearly 4,000 color combinations.

In terms of power, Tim Yue's long wheelbase Mulliner version is equipped with Bentley 4.0T V8 gasoline engine, equipped with 32 valve, maximum power of 550 horsepower, peak torque 770 N · mEssence


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