With big data and AI technology empower business intelligence decisions, several big data obtained 100 million yuan D round financing broadcast articles

Recently,一线资讯 business big data and AI intelligent decision -making technology service providers have digital big data (hereinafter referred to as digital) to complete a round D round of financing. This round of financing was led by Shenqi Capital (58 Industry Fund).

Shenzhen Digital Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2015. It has national surveying and mapping qualifications. Since its establishment, it has been deeply cultivated in the digitalization of offline physical space.The unique offline commercial geographical information large database covers 686 cities and counties across the country, with more than 120 million POI data.

In the future digital age, data is the most important production material.On the basis of data.Whoever has the data in the future has held the core of the digital economy.

After many years of solid work, Digital has established a huge and perfect underlying database. It is one of the few private enterprises that really master data elements in China. They have independently constructed a set of advanced sets of data collection, data verification, data, data, and data.Technology of cleaning, data storage, data mining.The accumulation of data assets and technology constitutes digital unbreakable competition barriers.

However, digital is not just a simple data service provider. On the basis of data assets, digital finds a vast, new data application scenario -offline site selection.

Offline location is a business scenario that is not well understood by industry staff, but huge volume and vital offline enterprises.Whether it is the snack stalls, milk tea shops, convenience stores, restaurants, or bank outlets, logistics stations, and power stations, any of the online formats, location and outlet optimization are the most important one in the business format.decision making.Whether these users are individual or oversized chain companies, the site selection process is complicated or simple. Whether there is a mature site selection experience and model, the site selection process must have obtaining data (especially offline actual survey data) and analyze the datastep.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, China's total offline retail sales in 2022 were about 33 trillion yuan.According to industry experience, the average cost used by offline companies to site selection accounts for at least 0.5%-1%of its turnover, then this is at least a market with more than 160 billion yuan.However, for a long time, the degree of digitalization of the industry is almost 0, and the lack of credible, comprehensive and easy -to -use data sources. Offline location is a job that needs to invest a lot of manpower, financial resources, and time costs.There are any scale of service providers.

Digital satisfaction is the needs of this scene. The basic concept of digital position is to provide a product that provides the same products like everything and Bloomberg to the financial industry, serving offline site selection users.Regardless of whether it is a personal store to join, or a large chain company to open a store/closed store, or work or serve the workers, intermediaries, service providers, and consulting companies on this business chain.They are more convenient and fast to complete decision -making.

On this basis, digital also provides customers with model services through AI technology. Based on the customer's industry, scale, category, brand positioning and other parameters, it can automatically generate outlet planning, capacity calculation, point recommendation, location evaluation and other reportsThese reports are interactive, editable, and comes with complete evaluation process and underlying data.These model products have greatly improved the location efficiency of customers and accelerated the development of customers, and truly allowed users to better use data and make better decisions.

It is reported that the digital is only more than two years of commercialization:

The upper staff app for personal small and micro users and practitioners has obtained 10 million registered users, nearly 1 million monthly active users.Sex and influence;

The upper staffing enterprise version of the medium -sized chain enterprise has served leading enterprises from nearly 1,000 industries, such as SAIC, China Welfare Lottery, Sinopec Eitet Coffee, China Mobile, China Telecom, etc., including a large number of well -known brands such asYang Guofu Malaysia, Tastin, Hi Sister Fried skewers, Seven points sweet, auspicious ravioli, books also burned fairy grass, Shanghai aunt, Tianfu convenience store, Aunt Qian fresh supermarket, etc.;

In terms of pure data subscriptions, digital has also served a number of government units such as the Shenzhen Nanshan District Political Political Bureau, Qingdao Chengyang District Big Data Bureau, as well as a number of research institutions such as Pengcheng Laboratory.

From 2021 to 2023, digital revenue increased each year, and the profit and cash flow in 2023 achieved positive inflows.


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