Why do people who like Wenwan get less and less?Most people agree with these three reasons.

Author: Prajna Immortal

Wenwan is Exclusive information websitea toy that pins cultural heritage. They have a long history and tradition, such as the millennium accumulation of Hetian jade, such as the royal atmosphere of the leaflet rosewood, such as the spiritual impact of Buddhism., Can it be passed on to this day.

However, why do Wenwan people now leave and even disgust?

1. malicious hype:

The hype itself is not sinful. The hype of business behavior is also an effective way to promote Wenwan. Let more people enter the world of Wenwan. Only when it is popular, Wenwan can continue!However, when the hype became a means of profit, the hype became overwhelming. The original publicity play became an exploitation text. How can this not make people disgusted?

At first, Wenwan brought us unlimited happiness. No matter what novel things, everyone swarmed, but as everyone deepened its understanding, it will gradually have their own appreciation ability, knowing that they knowWhat is excellent and what is inferior, so the Wenwan circle has returned to peace!

2. Cultural loss:

The mainstream of the Wenwan industry is still those with reasonable price of Bodhi. Although many people like emerald jade, they are too expensive, not everyone can afford it!Bodhi King Kong is low in price, and ordinary office workers can afford it, and the gameplay is simple and changing, making people a strong sense of satisfaction!

But Bodhi was closely related to Buddhism, but now it seems that it has drifted away with Buddhism, becoming a fashion product that everyone can wear, and lacks a cultural connotation!

You have to know that in the past, these things were not called Wenwan at all, just like Tibetans. Whether they were good or bad, they would never change their lives, and they would never change it!

But the current Wenwan market is a market -led market. If everyone only buys a series of children to play for a lifetime, how can capital make money?When the text becomes a product, its culture has disappeared!

Third, the wind of comparison:

I think everyone at first is the first to play with the first place. It does not care about the high and low quality. As long as there is a feeling, you will start!

But I do n’t know when it starts, the fate becomes insignificant, no matter whether I like it, as long as I can surpass the fellow of my fellows, I wear 20mm diamonds, I have to wear 25mm, and I can control it.In the year, I bought a machine directly. Anyway, anyway, I am the best in the circle!

In fact, comparison is the common sense of people. Everyone will have a comparison mentality, but when you get a good text, just be happy in your heart. As soon as you show off, everyone wants it.The Bodhi of dozens of dollars can actually be fired to tens of thousands of tens of thousands. Who is the last time? As a player, the merchants secretly make a fortune!

Speaking of which, I wo n’t say much. In short, Wenwan is playing with it. Do n’t let Wen play you!


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