Who can pass the "mass production" mark at the critical point of autonomous driving to commercial landing?| 2022 Leifeng.com "Flying Sky Entering the Sea · Annual Science and Technology List" broadcas

Thebreaking news website dozen years of tracers of autonomous driving, in the domestic market, autonomous driving enjoyed a highlight time of over 100 billion yuan a year, and also experienced the controversial moment of the industry's cold and commercial hindrance.

At present, the autonomous driving industry is shrouded in the "cold wave", and the valuations have shrunk and the layoffs have continued to be staged in the autonomous driving market.

Under the "cold wave", the enthusiasm of capital investment in the autonomous driving industry has dropped sharply.

Various unfavorable factors add a lot of uncertainty to the future of autonomous driving, and also brought a lot of new changes to the development of the industry.

Behind the changes means that the market structure of "the ability to go up and the weak" is reset, and it also shows that the technical competition period of autonomous driving has passed, and the industry development has reached the period when the core technology pursues mature and stable in the scene.

On the road to chasing commercialized mass production, some companies have exited sadly, while some companies are looking for opportunities to get off the difficulty of technical landing.

As one of the top industrial media in the technology industry, Leifeng.com launched the annual science and technology list selection plan of 2022 "Flying Sky Entering the Sea" in October this year.

2022 The annual science and technology list of "Flying Entering the Sea". In the past, the annual "Best AI Nuggets New Year List", which was formerly known as Leifeng.com, was founded in 2016 and has gone through six sessions.EssenceIn 2022, the list was fully upgraded, and it was renamed the annual science and technology list of the 2022 "Flying Sky Entering the Sea". It is hoped that from a more professional and rich dimension to find out those most vitality products and companies.

To this end, in the past few months, Leifeng.com has three best dimensions from technology flying, application, and commercial overseas.In the future, interaction, consumer electronics, chips, medical AI and digital, cloud and data infrastructure, 12 vertical areas, find pioneers and evangelists with new business order.49 companies won the award in this selection.

Among them, in the field of "autonomous driving", the three companies of Kuwa Technology, Xiaoma Zhixing, and Meituan stood out, and won the "Mass Mass Autonomous Driving Bench Award", "Smart Driving Card Card Lighting Award", and "Unmanned Delivery Robot Bench Award".Essence

Mass production of autonomous driving benchmark awards: Kuwa Technology

The Kuwa Technology, established in 2015, is one of the first companies that realize commercialization of the domestic autonomous driving track. It is also the rarely company in the track that achieves more than three times the growth rate of commercial volume.

As a hard technology company, Kuwa Technology is committed to providing a full -stack solution in the city's open scenarios. The product covers three major areas of municipal sanitation, urban logistics, and urban travel, and forms a series of product matrix.

At the beginning of its establishment, Kuwa Technology emphasized that the two legs of business+technology are walking. The technology must make full stack solutions, the dynamic scenes for open roads for cities, and formulate commercialization paths for different scenarios.

From a technical point of view, Kuwa Technology currently condenses a R & D team of more than 1,000 people, with multiple R & D and production centers. Operations or test operations have covered multiple urban areas such as Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui.Identification algorithms, high -precision maps and intelligent network connectivity, decision -making and planning, service -oriented control structure, and industry -oriented whole machine -oriented design capabilities and other core technologies.In the past two years, with the establishment of a closed loop of business-data-algorithms, Kuwa Technology has accelerated the speed of technology update iteration.

On the road of mass production and autonomous driving, Kuwa Technology has always been at the forefront.

In the field of smart and sanitation, Kuwa Technology has carried out normalized autonomous driving cleaning operation services in more than 20 important prefecture -level cities across the country, and provided multiple smart cities functional services for multiple cities.Thousands.

In the field of logistics, Kuwa Technology has accelerated the speed of commercialization, and the autonomous driving city with a closed -loop test in express delivery and manufacturing transportation.

Kuwa Technology currently reaches in -depth cooperation with many mainstake factories such as Chery, BAIC, and Shaanxi, and cooperates with the development of autonomous driving development.

Smart Driver Card Card Lighting Bench Award: Pony Zhixing

Xiaoma Zhixing was established at the end of 2016 and was founded by Peng Jun, chief architect of the former Baidu Autonomous Driving Department, and the industry recognized by the industry.A public venture capital institution, with a cumulative financing amount exceeded US $ 1.1 billion, has become the highest -valued autonomous driver unicorns.

Xiaoma Zhixing is the pioneer of the domestic passenger car autonomous driving solution. As early as December 2018, he first launched the Robotaxi (Robotaxi) and obtained the qualifications or licenses of the autonomous driving test and operation of many places around the world.Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities have launched the unmanned test of the main driving "de -safety officer", and are gradually expanding the scope, time period and vehicle scale of the test.

In 2018, Pony Zhixing began to develop a self -driving heavy card. Relying on the experience accumulated by the passenger car business and the advantages of software and hardware, Pony Zhixing was able to accelerate the commercialized track of the autonomous driving heavy truck.

In Robotruck, the three parties of Xiaoma Wisdom, Sanyi Group, and China Foreign Transportation were established to create a smart logistics "technology+vehicle+scene" golden triangle.In the process of cooperation, Xiaoma Zhixing made customized modifications in the special needs of the logistics industry, such as participating in the line control transformation, and built -in digital systems connected to the team management system for intelligent heavy trucks.

In November last year, Pony Zhixing officially released the third -generation autonomous driving truck software and hardware integration system for trunk logistics. The new generation system has conducted a target of truck models and trunk logistics scenarios in software and hardware design, sensor solutions and line control chassis development.In addition, Xiao Ma Zhixing completed the first batch of 30 intelligent heavy cards for mass production.

Xiaoma Zhixing will continue to further optimize the products and application scenarios to strive to achieve truly large -scale mass production in 2024, reaching sales of more than 10,000 units in the future.

Unmanned delivery robot benchmark award: Meituan

Meituan, as a technology retail company, has continued to promote digital upgrades since its establishment, showing huge potential and strength in the market, and eventually grew into a strong Internet company.

In recent years, unmanned distribution business has become momentum, and unmanned delivery networks have gradually become scale. Unmanned delivery robots, unmanned delivery aircraft and other products have emerged.

As a pioneer of the unmanned delivery track, Meituan entered the game as early as 2016 and has led the track so far.

In 2016, Meituan started the research on automatic distribution related projects, and set up a team to start the research of automatic distribution business in specific scenarios. Two years later, Meituan automatic distribution of cars started test operations in many places.In the epidemic in the past three years, the unmanned delivery vehicle in Meituan played a great logistics scheduling role due to the nature of "no contact".

Meituan automatic distribution is a rich offline scene of Meituan. Through the combination of existing complex distribution processes, a logistics road network based on intelligent scheduling systems, drones, and autonomous drivingModels, various forms of intelligent distribution terminals, etc., form a overall solution for automatic delivery of Meituan.

At present, Meituan continues to increase the research and development investment of automatic distribution business. In December 2022, Meituan Robotics Research Institute was officially established to be responsible for Meituan's research and development in the field of robotics.

From the product point of view, the Meituan unmanned delivery robot has L4 -level autonomous driving capabilities, and through high -precision sensors such as built -in multi -line laser radar, visual sensor, ultrasonic system, and GPS, in conjunction with a series of high -efficiency algorithms built,Autonomous obstacle avoidance function.In terms of specific operating capabilities, Meituan unmanned delivery robots can run freely on complex outdoor roads and flat indoors, or can pass the steps smoothly.

In the future, with the continuous investment in the power of R & D, Meituan unmanned delivery robots can achieve the goal of cost control below 10,000 yuan.


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