Xiaohongshu holds the WILL Business Conference.

On December 22,Hot discussion information website Xiaohongshu held a 2024will business conference in Shanghai.At the meeting, Xiaohongshu CMO said that Xiaohongshu is helping many cross -industry products and services to successfully grow grass. From a car, a sofa, a mobile phone to a service product, a cultural experience, a oneGames, etc., have "planted" a good business in Xiaohongshu.At the same time, grass planting has become the third type of marketing paradigm. It is understood that the right person can help good products "grow" in Xiaohongshu through the anti -funnel model of Xiaohongshu.

Caption: Xiaohongshu WILL Business Conference holds an interview object in Shanghai (the same below)

Vice President of Xiaohongshu Technology said that Xiaohongshu is creating an open and connected Xiaohongshu commercial product.He released the "1+3" open product matrix on the spot, and launched a data alliance "grass farming". The upgraded version of the three product solutions, including the rhinoceros, the whole region of the grass, and the search in the search directly, helping the merchantWhile high -quality grass planting, more efficient conversion is achieved.

Everything can be planted, and the growth space is planted by the crowd.

Data show that as of September 30, 2023, Xiaohongshu identified more than 100 industries, more than 200,000 SPUs (standardized product units, that is, the same items with the same properties and characteristics).Discussion and "planting grass".Zhiheng mentioned that when these SPUs are opened to see growth, they will find that the products of the head 100 in Xiaohongshu's high -efficiency grass, this year's business growth rate last year is far exceeding the large market. "In other words, in the small red book species,The good products of grass have really achieved adversity growth. "

According to the Heng, products and services of different industries and different formats can be planted in small red books.The secret behind this is that Xiaohongshu can help brands and businesses understand more finely crowded demand, deeply understand consumer decision -making links, and achieve efficient matching of products, people and needs.Many brand merchants have found room for growth.

Caption: Xiaohongshu CMO Heng

For example, the customer unit price of nearly 30,000 yuan adult English, through the in -depth understanding of the needs of users to learn English through Xiaohongshu, so as to find the "blue ocean of business English and social English on the red sea track of adult English"The demand scenario has achieved the effect of planting grass, and GMV has increased by nearly 10 times year -on -year.

Swan's home is a platform that provides housekeeping life services. By doing data matching with Xiaohongshu, it is found that consumers have deep search and browsing behaviors on the decision -making path, and they will search for specific products from pan -demand.According to data analysis, Swan arrived at home to make precise grass in the consumer decision -making path. With the cost of launching unchanged, the monthly clue volume was almost twice, and the ROI was transformed in the whole area higher than 20.

Zhiheng introduced, "This year we see that the search volume of Xiaohongshu has grown at a high speed, and user consumption is more rational."After opening the link conversion data, Xiaohongshu found that users who were on different platforms, including offline orders, had made "homework" in Xiaohongshu before entering the trading venue, and made decisions.

This change means that the traditional marketing paradigm fails.In the past, the channels were king, paving the channel into channels, advertising widely covered or drained to channels, and discounts increased channel sales rate.At present, we must first have good products that can understand and meet the needs of users, and plant good grass finely and precisely.

Zhiheng believes that what users need are not a certain product, but to meet a certain needs.It can be just needed, emotional, and mental needs.Therefore, the growth of the brand can break category restrictions, and can find growth opportunities from more fine crowd.

She takes the Casa Di water heater as an example. A product of Casa Di is rich in "锶 elements". Xiaohongshu insiders have inspected the quality of the mother and baby, the skin beauty, and the exquisite middle -class people.The product was nicknamed "Little Private Soup", so that the water heater changed from a small transparent tool hanging outside the bathroom from a low -frequency, and it turned into a high -frequency associative, hot and hot whitening artifact, which drove Casa Di DiThe search ranking of the brand in Xiaohongshu Station has increased from ninth to the first place. The search volume of products on the e -commerce platform increased by 415%, and ROI exceeded 9.

Zhiheng believes that the reason why Casa Di can break the circle is because they are concerned about people and practice the unique marketing logic of Xiaohongshu -the crowd's anti -funnel is to find the core of the core with the product that match the product.A word of mouth is formed in the crowd, and then find people with relevant."Using the crowd anti -funnel, product marketing in Xiaohongshu, low threshold, high certainty and high efficiency." Heng said.

Launched the "1+3" open product matrix to create an open -connected commercial product

At the meeting, the vice president of Xiaohongshu Technology announced that Xiaohongshu will create an open and connected Xiaohongshu commercial product. On the one hand, open data cooperation, connecting the front and rear link data, and let the "Xiaohongshu plant grass"Global conversion", the effect can be measured, the process can be optimized, and the transformation is more efficient. On the other hand, the search field of Xiaohongshu will be more open.

Caption: Vice President of Xiaohongshu Technology

The reason why it is open and connected, the wind whistle says that in the past, the grass planting data on the front link on the small red book could not be connected with the transformation data scattered on each platform.During the process of entering the customer, Xiaohongshu iterated its own cognition. "We are not just concerned about how to grow grass on Xiaohongshu, but now we also pay attention to the whole link of the whole region and serve everyone's business operation.Create open and connected commercial products. "

Based on the concept of openness and connection, the windpi released the "1+3" open product matrix site, including a "grass planting data alliance" to achieve the integration of multi -party data. At the same time, three commercial products -Through brand and platform data cooperation, realization of grass -breeding the whole region of grass -scale planting and scientific grass, as well as direct searches that can form direct connection with platform services, to provide brand merchants with grass and conversion tools.

Introduction to the wind whistle, the brand and partners who add the "Grass Planting Data Alliance" can realize the grass plant data and the conversion data of various platforms can be directly opened to make the brand merchant "Xiaohongshu plant grass, global conversion" can be even more can be even more can be being more able to be more able to be being.Measurement can be optimized and improves the efficiency of operation.The partners who have joined the current include platforms such as Jingdong, Vipshop, gains, where to go, Meituan and other platforms, as well as over 1,000 brands to join.

In the speech, the wind whistle launched a "search direct".Or directly push the purchase through the store.In the future, search direct access will also have the ability to apply direct investment and applies, and further open the search scenario.

The data released on the spot show that because of the usefulness provided by the search, the threshold for use is low, 42%of new users use the search function on the first day of Xiaohongshu.70%of the monthly living users of Xiaohongshu have search behaviors, and search has become the daily use habits of Xiaohongshu users.In the large number of small red books users, 88%are initiated by users.

In the search area, the traffic of Xiaohongshu has grown rapidly. Among them, the 3C home appliance industry increased by 84%year -on -year, the education industry increased by 173%year -on -year, and the travel industry increased by 242%year -on -year.

The wind whistle says that it will continue to create open and connected commercial products, allow grass -breed transformation to improve quality and efficiency, help different growth stages of good products, good services, good business, and find their own business achievements in Xiaohongshu.

At the conference site, Xiaohongshu and Kotler Consulting Group released the theory of Xiaohong Book Grass Methods together, proposing that grass planting has become the third type of marketing paradigm, and future marketing will be Human to Human (human marketing).At the same time, the conference released a characteristic group of Xiaohongshu, marketing IP in 2024.In addition, the heads of BeBebus, solemn reading clubs, FILA, IKEA China, Songzan Group and other companies shared the "fancy" grass on Xiaohongshu.


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