The plant -style club, Da Cang Hotel, landed in Suzhou Park is the first Datang brand hotel broadcast article in Jiangsu

Viewpoint News: On December 26th,Popular news sites according to the news of the Suzhou Industrial Park, recently, the plant -style club, Da Cang Hotel, officially signed a contract to settle in Yuanrong International Plaza.

This is the first Okura brand hotel managed and operated in Jiangsu, which is managed and operated in Jiangsu. It marks the new stage of the park's characteristic commercial complexes of the Yuanrong Rong International Plaza.

It is reported that Yuanrong International Plaza is located on the northwest side of the intersection of Xingtang Street and Suzhou Avenue in Suzhou Industrial Park.The project covers an area of 26,600 square meters. It is planned to be nearly 200 meters of ultra -high -rise towers. It deploys high -end hotels, ecological office, theme business, health management, and service apartments.Grade green ecological high -end urban complex.

It is understood that the plant -style club Club Hotel was founded in 1958 and is positioned as a high -end hotel.The Okura Hotel signed in this time is an important part of the Yuanrong International Plaza project, which is set in the high -rise area of the tower.In addition to the empty lobby, lobby lounges, Japanese restaurants, and Chinese restaurants, there will also be a banquet hall, fitness center and indoor swimming pool, and planning a number of style rooms and suite to meet the actual needs of business people.


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