The first line of execution: The other party who bought a house with relatives would flash with the landlord. Friends of classmates borrowed money and did not change their trust.


Read the friendship with my classmates,一线资讯

Mr. Chen generously borrowed 3.5 million yuan, but unexpectedly

I borrowed it quickly, but my friend dragged it to the back,

Even if you also maliciously transfer the property with relatives!

Ms. Wang and relative Aunt Su purchased real estate joint ventures,

Unexpectedly, the aunt and the former landlord "flash marriage",

Add the name of the former landlord back to the real estate certificate,

Ms. Wang said it couldn't bear it ...

When the intimacy is crisis,

Even when it affects the legitimate rights and interests of the individual,

How does the executive judge balance both ends of love and law?

Let's take a look at the first line of this issue!

When the dishonesty was owed to 5 million, the property was not repaid, and the property was shifted, and the executive judge quickly attacked!

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On April 10, 2023, the judges of the Yangpu District People's Court (hereinafter referred to as the Yangpu District People's Court) of Shanghai City came to Harbin, Heilongjiang Province for a case of economic disputes.

As soon as he got off the plane, he encountered sandstorms and under the sky, and the executive judges came to the real estate registration trading center where the person's place was located to understand the situation related to the executed person Bai Yan (pseudonym) and Zhang Wei (pseudonym).

In 2015, Bai Yan borrowed 3.5 million yuan from his old classmate Mr. Chen before and after. At that time, because of the urgent mentality of "good brothers who laid the shop" at that time, these 3.5 million money were made by Mr. Chen within one year.I hit Bai Yan's account.

Bai Yan also agreed with Mr. Chen that it would be repaid for the first few months. After a few months, he would pay the interest rate, but after the agreed time, Mr. Chen was delayed to see the principal.Since then, Bai Yan has begun to play rogues, and one drag is 2 years.

In desperation, Mr. Chen and his wife Ms. Zhang sued Bai Yan and Zhang Wei to the Yangpu District People's Court in 2017, asking for repayment of 4 million principal and interest debt.After the judgment, Bai Yan and Zhang Wei had to pay Ms. Zhang's more than 4 million principal and interest in the same period, a total of more than 5 million, and in recent years, it has been implemented nearly one -tenth.

Executive judges said that the implementation of the case was affected by the space distance, and the people's court and the executed person were in the two places, which led to the relatively lagging speed and accuracy of the executive judge to obtain relevant information.

Therefore, the judges of the Yangpu District People's Court formulated related plans to decide to go to the field to learn about the relevant situation.The next day when I arrived in Harbin, the executive judges came to Bai Yan's original work unit.

The staff of the unit said that Bai Yan had applied for retirement two years ago and admitted that Bai Yan's debt problem was not a secret within the unit.A few years ago, after receiving the report letter from Ms. Zhang, the unit was engaged in business activities because Bai Yan was engaged in business activities and gave disciplined.

After understanding the situation, the executive judge notified the staff of the unit to give them a notice and ruling to assist them in the future.The specific content is that after deducting the cost of living for life in Bai Yan's pension, the remaining money will be reached to the account of the Yangpu District People's Court on a monthly basis.

On the third day of the executive judges came to Harbin, Bai Yan finally appeared in front of the executive judges.As soon as he saw an executive judge from Shanghai, he repeatedly argued that the millions of borrowed were not for business, but on behalf of stock trading.

Regarding Bai Yan's self -evolution, the judge stated on the spot that it has been 5 years since the second trial judgment has taken effect. The implementation is coercive. No matter what the reason, it cannot be an excuse for evading implementation.So Bai Yan said that he had no money since the stock market was not good, and his bank card had been frozen by other courts.

In order to verify whether Bai Yan said whether it is true, the executive judges went to the local bank again to inquire about the affiliated property of Bai Yan's husband and wife.Clues, I did not expect to find nothing.

Bai Yan and his wife really have no money?How should Mr. Chen's couple's savings property be recovered?

Kung Fu is worthy of care. After investigation by the executive judges, it was found that during the lawsuit and implementation of the case, Bai Yan and his sister Bai Lin (pseudonym) also made a court.Set the property to the debt to his sister.

However, the mediation process is doubtful. Because of the continuous procrastination of Bai Yan who returns to debt, this time, he quickly passed the household real estate to his sister.In this regard, executive judges said that this is a referee document that refuses to perform the people's court.

At present, the executive judge has issued a letter of assistance to the local court. Once the local court will execute the money that has been executed, it will be given to Mr. Chen and his wife as soon as possible.Before leaving, the judge also asked Bai Yan to bring the property details and other information to the Yangpu District People's Court to make a statement.

On May 22, 2023, Bai Yan, the executed person, appeared in the executive reception hall of the Yangpu District People's Court.Given Bai Yan's behavior of transferring property, in the conversation room, the judge asked Bai Yan again whether he could take the initiative to transfer it to the house or house of his sister to the Executive Bureau.

Facing the hard -working heart of the judge, although Bai Yan promised to repay the money with verbally, the judge found that he had no repayment plan and actual actions.

Because Bai Yan maliciously transferred the property and repeatedly resisted the implementation, the people's court immediately took punishment measures and judicial detention for 15 days.After ending judicial detention, Bai Yan also turned from the defendant of the civil lawsuit to a suspected suspect.At present, the case is in the stage of investigation and prosecution.

The aunt who bought a house together and the former landlord also added his name to him.

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Aunt Su and Ms. Nie Queen have always been closely related. They can even buy a house "to buy", but as Aunt Su remarked, the relationship between the aunt and nephew began to change.In the end, Ms. Wang told Aunt Su to court, asking for half of her house with her aunt Su to buy a house.

Among them, what happened?Is this pair of intimate aunts and nephews related to Aunt Su's remarriage?

In 2021, Aunt Su and Ms. Wang bought their suite in a joint venture. The two contributed about 3 million yuan, but because Ms. Wang was restricted, the production certificate was only on the name of Aunt Su.

When moving, Ms. Wang unexpectedly found that Aunt Su looked right with the original owner of the house.

After marriage, Aunt Su added the name of Master Zhang to the house she bought with Ms. Wang. Ms. Wang, who was worried about her rights and interests, filed a lawsuit with the people's court and asked to get back half of her own house.The People's Court of Yangpu District decided to support Ms. Wang's demands, and the judgment of Aunt Su returned to the house purchase funds and liquidated damages, including a total of more than 3.16 million yuan.

After the judge of the Executive Bureau of the Yangpu District People's Court got the case, he decided to go to see the actual situation of Aunt Su's house first.

In this house that originally belonged to Master Zhang and now belongs to Aunt Su, Master Zhang mentioned the reason for the real estate transaction with Aunt Su and Ms. Wang at that time. At that time, he decided to sell the house in order to divide the property with his ex -wife.Give him 1.95 million rooms, but Master Zhang only received 1.7 million, and found that he was homeless.

Fortunately, Aunt Su, who met the widowed puppet during the house selling, was quite fate.And witnessed the relationship between Aunt Su and Master Zhang, Ms. Wang, who has been close to Master Zhang, has also tried to discourage Aunt Su more, from preventing Master Zhang from living, to preventing marriage, to preventing Master Zhang from adding fame.Failed.

So, is Master Zhang a liar?In fact, after the case entered the execution process, Master Zhang also returned 1.9 million yuan to Ms. Wang.Regarding the gaps of more than 1 million, Master Zhang said that this is because this house is not selling a good price, and he is unwilling to be sold cheaply.

In addition to the fluctuation of the market price, there is another reason for Master Zhang's unwillingness to sell a house, that is, the house has been transferred for less than five years.According to the tax and fees of second -hand housing, the value -added tax of 5.3%of the total price is required to sell the house. This is a small cost. If it is over five years, this part of the cost can be removed.

After the judge noticed this idea of Master Zhang, he immediately helped Master Zhang calculate the account. If you wait for another two years, the "five years" that can be exempted from second -hand housing taxes is full, but he has to pay the liquidated damage to Ms. Wang.There are more than 200,000 with interest.

Master Zhang felt reasonable, so he proposed to the judge for another year.However, the judge refused, and the judge once again reminded Master Zhang that without Ms. Wang's money, they were unable to live in this house.Master Zhang, who wants to understand, promised the judge to sell the house within three months.

After a long time, the house ushered in the next owner. On August 21, 2023, the intermediary took the buyer to the Yangpu District People's Court.The buyer promised that after completing the online signing, a 3 million house purchase payment will be paid to the designated account of the people's court.The people's court will lift the freezing of the house and promote the transaction to continue. At the same time, she will give her 1.35 million yuan belonging to Ms. Wang, so that the case is in place.

Although the final price of this house is less than 5 million, which is nearly 1 million yuan compared to the previous round of price, Aunt Su and Master Zhang accepted the result. They said that they would support each other in the future.Keep going.

The judge believes that in this case, whether it is Aunt Su and her niece or the outsider of the case, Master Zhang has no malice to break through the law.Considering that they are a family, the relationship between the two parties is good. If they simply follow the case handling process, check the house and forced auction, it is not conducive to solving contradictions and problems.Therefore, being able to complete this execution can be successfully completed, making the executive judge very pleased.

Original title: "The first line of execution: the other party who bought a house with relatives and the other party flashed with the landlord, and the friends of the classmates borrowed money and did not change their trust."


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