The Beijing Xinpu Mansion Standard will be implemented today! Whether you buy a house in dirty, you must think twice!

latest news:2023Year12moon14On the day,hot topic website as the most important first -tier city in China, the Beijing property market policy ushered in new adjustments!

Beijing has issued a number of new real estate policies, including:Decrease the down payment ratio, loan interest rate, adjustment of general house standards, etc.Essence

Among them, the down payment ratio is implemented from now on, and banks have also begun to implement new loan interest rates the next day.

The adjustment of the new Puzu standard,It is officially implemented on January 1, 2024Essence

"January 1 is the redirect price of most home loan interest rates. The LPR value in the home loan contract of home buyers will be adjusted to the latest quotation. At present, it is from 4.3%to 4.2%. Banks will automatically adjust automatically, Customers do not need to operate. "

So, after the New Deal, what changes in the current situation of the market?

After Beijing announced the New Deal, there were signs of warming up the second -hand housing market.12moon1Day by day12moontwenty twoOn the day, Beijing second -hand housing network signing volume is8376Set, daily380Set, especially12moon18Day by day12moontwenty twoday,5The average online signing volume of heaven reaches544The set of contracts with the New Deal has increased significantly.The maximum daily trading volume has exceeded breakthrough604Set, the level of network signing before the New Deal has been greatly improved, indicating that the stimulus of the New Deal on the property market is immediate.

Without this new policy effect, the transaction volume of second -hand housing in Beijing in December of previous years was lower than November. Beijing's second -hand network signing volume in November 2023 was 12,545 sets. According to the signing level in the first half of December, the number of contract volume throughout the month's monthly contract volume wasIt can only be maintained in the early 10,000 set, but the blessing of the new policy in Beijing in December is expected to exceed the last month.This is enough to show that the new policy's role in boosting the market is still obvious.

Does the increase in transaction data mean that the number of second -hand listings will change significantly?In September 2023, the number of second -hand housing in Beijing reached 140,000 units, reaching the historical peak. The introduction of the new policy, many people worry that the number of second -hand housing in Beijing will show signs of soaring.Not conducive to market stability.Judging from the data of the new policy for nearly 10 days, the number of second -hand listings has not increased significantly, indicating that the supply and demand relationship is relatively stable.

In addition to the significant changes in the transaction data, the introduction of the New Deal has also brought subtle changes to the mentality of the market buyers and sellers. Before the introduction of the New Deal, the Beijing property market continued to fall, which has a great impact on the seller's mentality to a certain extent.Due to the uncertainty of the continuous cycle of price decline, there are not a few people who have left the market significantly.Individual housing in some communities even created the minimum transaction unit price of nearly 2-3 years.

After the introduction of the New Deal, although the market has not risen sharply, the seller's psychological expectations have changed greatly. It feels that the market has stabilized and housing prices are expected. There are few cases of large bargaining in the listing of listings.The next wave of buyers may also change with this wave of adjustments, and the psychological changes of buying up without buying and falling will become more and more obvious.

The policies are constantly loosening, which can only show that on the one hand, the property market in the core city is not optimistic. On the other hand, the property market that has been hot for decades, the deep impact on the economy will not suddenly disappear overnight.

Whether it is the property market or economy, the pressure may be larger than we think!

This wave of loosening in Beijing will definitely bring a certain heat and transaction.

Therefore, whether to buy a house at this time must be thought twice.

Now"You can make money when you buy a house with your eyes"In the era, it has long been gone, and buying a house has become increasingly testing the "professional level" of buyers.

However, the surgery industry has a specialized attack. Many buyers may never buy a house or have insufficient experience in buying a house. Under the differentiation property market, if you accidentally buy the wrong house, it means the shrinkage of personal assets.

We have a very professional real estate service agency to allocate real estate assets for buyers"Protection"Essence

In addition, we still have hundreds of house buying and exchange groups, free special cars to pick up houses, live broadcast questions, and more importantly, we still haveNew house cash subsidyIt is calculated in units of all thousands of units; so the province must be provided, and the flowers must be spent.

New house subsidy

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