Ask everyone: Do you plan to buy a house or save money in 2024?

On December 27,热门新闻 McDonald's price increased as expected.

The average increase of this time was 3%, and the price increase range of many packages was about 0.5 yuan to 1 yuan.

This year, McDonald's has opened multiple rounds of price increases worldwide.

McDonald's McDonald's increased by about 80% of product prices from January 16.

Subsequently, in the past half a year, McDonald's in Japan once again announced that the price of 184 stores and other products will be raised from July 19, involving 6%of about 3,000 stores across the country.

Of course, the price of McDonald's in the United States has also risen, and the price increase of the menu throughout the year will be slightly higher than 10%, which is also the second year of McDonald's price increase by 10%.

Each price increase, McDonald's reason is that raw materials and operating costs have been related, and this time is no exception.

Of course, I have shared it since this year, I feelThe price rose upBut many people don't feel too much.

This year, brands such as Haidilao, Mixue Ice City, 1 point, Master Kang, Moutai, etc. all have price lifting action.

I also saw a news yesterday that since January 1, 2024, the price of water will begin to increase.

It is divided into three gears, the lowest gear increases by 20%, and the highest level exceeds 50%.

Many people feel that they do n’t eat these fast food foods when they raise prices, but they are really not so simple to pick themselves out. Everyone is playing on a table. Do you think you can watch it?

At the beginning, I don't say anything at the beginning, so I ask everyone:

In 2024, are you willing to continue to hold cash or hold assets?

Don't worry about your sharing first.

The deposit interest rate of this month has been reduced, and the interest can get less interest.

But even so, many people still want to save money, why?

Save the capital at least, and you have to eat your principal.

However, although so, there is still a group of people's anxiety. Before that, they had calculated that 2 million deposits were enough to retire. They returned to my hometown to eat some interest and saved some costs. It seemed to be able to live a flat life.

But now,Bank interest is getting less and less, prices have begun to rise, and money becomes hairy. The cost you want to spend is higher.

Do you really think you can lie flat for a lifetime?

Now this trend seems difficult, you have to get up and fight for a few years.

And I still want to make up a knife unknowingly. You want to rely on saving money to eat bank interest to imagine retirement, which is really equivalent to fighting with a long life.


The more developed the economy, the interest rate is getting lower and lower.

The reason why we want to cut interest rates,On the surface, it is necessary to force savings to stimulate consumption and investment, But even if the economic recovery and recovery are next, the interest rate is difficult to increase significantly.

Seeing history also knows:

According to the benchmark interest rate released by the People's Bank10.08% fell to 1.5% today.

The Federal Reserve's Federal Fund interest rate also fell from nearly 12% in the 1980s to nearly 0% today.

In a country, the greater the volume, the more developed the economy, the slower the economic growth rate, the stable CPI, and the lower the interest rate.

In fact, if you think about it, the more developed countries, in fact, the savings rate will not be high, but the investment activities will be more active and the economy will become stable.

This is an irreversible trend in the historical law, even if it is us.

I know that many people will say that even if you say that it is broken, I still want to save money, because everyone can't see the signal that the future income will improve.

I did not give suggestions for everyone,If you are unemployed, your priority is to find a job, and the throbbing maintains daily life expenses.This article has nothing to do with you, you can slide left left.

What I wake up is the same as the past,It is not no money, not unemployed, but only who knows money to invest as investment.

There is a sense of worry, but it is not only awareness of worry.

Since the popularization of credit currencies, each country is over issuing currency, borrowing money every year, and printing money every year.

Thirty years ago, 10,000 yuan households were rich, and the current 10,000 yuan households were poor.

If you save 10,000 yuan from that era, you must be a poor man today.

I have said that the mouth is broken, and you also hear the ears and cocoon. Anyway, you understand it, but the change cannot be changed.

I didn't let everyone do anything, I just need to think about it.

Now the deposit interest is not reduced by the end, and how much to fall to the end is unknown. I want to ask, how can you deal with it?

Either continue with the trend or do the asset allocation.

Next year, I still look forward to the changes in the environment.

Many directions are still very clear. Whether it is issuing government bonds, affordable housing, transformation of villages in the city, or the statement of the property market, it is positive.

Any country will have a stage to downgrade economic growth, and everyone will start to accept their purchasing power downgrade.

People abroad do not only consume or save money from the beginning, but each era also has the opportunity and people who make money.

So there is no need to be pessimistic. I continue to cheer everyone up. I always have a hunch, and now it is just the night before dawn.

If you want to keep the information with me, you can also understand the signal behind the bank's interest rate cut. If you want to be the few people who can seize the opportunity to make money, you can add my WeChat first and listen to my explanation in the closed -door live broadcast.

It can at least be harvested by all kinds of pessimism.

Next year, my attitude towards assets is:Recovery and hope.

The reason for recovery is from:

1. Active fiscal policy, to be a whipped debt.

Everyone has high debt and high pressure. Everyone does not know, so how can we actively turn debts?

ZY debt replaced local debt, transferred debts from local to ZY to relieve local pressure.

The second is to use new and old, stretch time, change the space in time, ZY gives the local pocket.

2. Real estate will definitely stabilize

In the past, everyone felt that high house prices dragged the economy, but what's actually?

Now that house prices have fallen, according to the logic of the longevity, the economy should be good. Everyone has no liability pressure and should be willing to spend.

What about the facts?

Now everyone has begun to complain that the economy is not good, the income is declining, the market demand is insufficient, and the market demand is not confident.

But I want to ask everyone to think about it. What is the revenue of revenue?

How many people have reduced income because of poor real estate in recent years?

How many people have indirectly received the impact?

So there is a saying, although everyone does not like to listen, I still want to say,Only by stabilizing real estate can JJ recover.

We do not develop high -tech, nor rely on real estate, but to cultivate high -tech industries and replace it as a new economic engine. It takes time.

Before that, it was necessary to stabilize.

At least I think that after these years of recovery and squeezing, nowReal estate is a low level.

This year's real estate investment GDP accounts for 6%, which is abnormal.

When the urbanization process of a city is close to the end, the proportion of real estate investment in the city should be about 7%.

When the real estate was broken in Japan, the real estate investment GDP accounted for about 7% -8%.

Before the United States was bubble in 2005, the proportion of real estate investment was close to 8%.

Now we are obviously in a super decline.

It is expected that the construction volume this year is only 700 million square meters, which is far below the scale of 100 billion square meters in the past, and the inventory of new houses has fallen rapidly.

As of the end of September 2023, the total inventory of newly -built commercial housing in 100 cities across the country was 5,12.21 million square meters, a decrease of 1.7%year -on -year, and a 6 -month decline was in a consecutive month.

The reason why everyone has not felt the decrease in the inventory of new houses is because the property market is sluggish, the landlord's confidence is insufficient, and the number of second -hand housing listings has increased, and the purchasing power of some new houses has been taken away.

After the economic recovery, everyone may reflect that the supply of new houses in the past two years is rare.

And in order to stimulate the return of the property market, it is obviously a starting point.

that isChengzhong Village Transformation and Construction of Housing.

By paid ways, guide collective land into the real estate market and achieve transformation.

The government pays for demolition, and ordinary people can take a house ticket to buy a house elsewhere. The demand is created like this.

In addition, the transformation of the city in the city is aimed at the large and large cities.

This stagnant real estate can survive.

Another starting point is to retain young people and low -income groups using the affordable housing.

And the affordable house is a ZF project, and the sales are basically not worried.

It can also allow housing companies to participate in play together and help housing companies get out of the capital dilemma.

Then cooperate with each place to introduce some stimulus policies,The real estate in 2024 does not say a lot of heating, at least it stops.

Dare not say that it can reverse the economy comprehensively, at least not to drag the economy.

I think the property market is now on the bottom of friction, and the space and probability of shaking down are not great.

When I was shared with my friends this morning, he asked me how to prepare in advance. In fact, my suggestion is:

Squeeze a part of the cash in the left hand and prepare the bottom of the bottom. Regardless of whether it is inflation or TS next year, you are enough to win.

Some people still don't understand that they can come to my closed doors, because everyone's debt and cash flow conditions are different. The appropriate asset allocation methods are different.

Not everyone is suitable for buying first -tier cities, the focus of everyone's attention is:

If it is determined to be inflation next year, do you have good assets to resist.

If it is TS, can everyone have enough to resist funds.

Regarding this, I usually stay in my closed doors and talk about the sensitive topics. If you are interested, add me WeChat and give you a signal before the broadcast.


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