In 2024, the popularity of the Mouping Popularity Building was released!Those who want to buy a house must see!

Popular rankingReal estateaddressprice1Fengjin and YuechengJinbu Street North and Xiguan Road East7500 yuan/square meter2Fengjin Zijin VillaNo. 766 Binhai East Road (South Binhai East Road South,全球资讯 Fish and Bird Hedong)9000 yuan/square meter3Yipin Fangfang JinyuanMouxing Road and Zhenxing Street intersect8500 yuan/square meter4Fengjin · Happiness Home20 meters south of the intersection of Xiguan Road and Government Avenue7200 yuan/square meter5Yue Island Blue Bay Phase 2 · YuejunHaixia Street No. 5476600 yuan/square meter6Longhu Portuguese BayNo. 601, Binhai East Road, No. 653 (north of the intersection of Binhai East Road and Tonghai Road)3500 yuan/square meter7TideNortheast corner of the intersection of Beiguan Street and Dongguan Road9000 yuan/square meter8Dongtai Shilin capitalZhenxing Street No. 667 (Tonghai Road West and Zhenxing Street, opposite Zhenhua Commercial Building and New Mart)8500 yuan/square meter9Stone Medicine Health CityNo. 566, Haixia Street (east of Tonghai Road, south of Binhai Road)8000 yuan/square meter10Andley Burning Birds River GardenNo. 868, Xincheng Street (south of Xincheng Street, west of Yukaohe West Road, east of Guanzhuang Road)6500 yuan/square meter


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