Hunan Ningxiang: Holding a livable cultural festival to purchase a car "15 minutes living circle" to provide convenient services for residents

People's Daily Online,Current affairs information website Changsha, January 2nd (Reporter Lin Luotuan) "I'm really lucky, I didn't expect that I could win the car award." On January 1, "The City of Vitality 'Ning" Good Happiness "Ningxiang City No. 2Sending a house for a livable cultural festival to send a car New Year's special event, the buyer from October 1st to December 31st (17:00) was a lottery.A prize "Mercedes -Benz GLB".

At the event site, the booths of 21 buildings in the real estate display area are different and creative. They provide exquisite gifts for citizens and friends who come to choose a house. Various exhibitors have brought great discounts to citizens and friends.Can enjoy the preferential price and buy your favorite house.

From September 30, 2023, the Second Livable Culture Festival of Ningxiang City has held a new policy conference and launching ceremony and a house buying car. Among them, 20 real estate at the new policy conferenceThe enterprise participated in the exhibition and released the "Several Measures for Ningxiang City to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market", and a series of policy portfucts such as house ticket resettlement and time -limited subsidy;"" ".

According to statistics, from October 1st to December 31st, 2023, individuals purchased 332 units of new commercial houses for participating real estate.This event adheres to the purpose of "associations, corporate singing, and the masses benefit", create a series of consumption and house purchase preferential activities, create a strong atmosphere of "vibrant city, 'Ning' happiness", and help promote Ningxiang CityThe real estate market has continued to develop and develop.The event was sponsored by the Ningxiang City Urban Construction Comprehensive Development Association. The Ningxiang City Notarization Office notarized the lottery of the "buying a house and sending a car" event, and the third car "BYD Qin" will be sent in the future.

According to the "2022 Urban and Rural Construction Statistical Yearbook" and "2022 Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook", there are 9 cities with more than 500,000 or less than 1 million in Hunan Province, of which 518,200 in Ningxiang City have reached 518,200.There are 8 cities with more than 50 square kilometers and more than 100 square kilometers in Hunan Province. The area of Ningxiang built area is 72.56 square kilometers, ranking 11th.The position of the first place in the city.

Behind the changes in the population and area data of a city, it is also a comprehensive reflection of a urban industry, economic scale and development potential to a certain extent.As a national civilized city, China's most happy cities (county -level cities), national ecological civilization construction demonstration cities, China's most attractive cultural tourist cities, and Ningxiang, the top 100 counties (cities) in Chinese new smart cities, in recent yearsBecome the first choice for livable and livable.

In Ningxiang City, what can I do for 15 minutes when I walk out of the house?You can exercise in the picturesque park, you can go to a dazzling business super shopping, you can send your children to kindergarten and elementary school, you can go to a community hospital for a cold, do individual examinations, you can go to the farmer's market or give birthFresh shops buy back a day of fresh ingredients, you can also have a restaurant, watching movies, making hair ...

Since 2017, Ningxiang has compiled the "15 -minute Life Circle" planning and guidance "of Ningxiang City, adheres to the purpose of" city must make life better ", and works around" clothing, food, housing, old, old, sick, and died, and live in peace and work ".The construction of the city's "two circles and two games" has focused on improving the "15 -minute living circle" in the community. From the supermarket convenience, catering, leisure and fitness, beauty body, children's enrollment, community service, community pension and other all -round providing convenient services for residents.

With the continuous advancement of Ningxiang's "15 -minute Life Circle" construction project, new schools with new schools have been completed, and students can go to school by walking.The empty space and abandoned land of the empty pings have become a leisure -exercise venue and ecological parking lot; all the time and empty venues are swinging into "urban stations", covering the wind and rain for passers -by and front -line workers, all show all showConvenience and warm heart ...

In recent years, Ningxiang has opened 38 bus lines in urban areas (industrial parks), of which 21 newly (optimized) urban bus lines are opened, 14 bus lines in the park are opened, 3 science and technology lines, talent lines are opened, and Changlitan areas are opened.Cooperate with Ningyi, Ning Shao, and Changning Intercity Bus to achieve full coverage of public transportation in parks, urban areas, communities, and communities.

Ningxiang knows that the economy is to develop, and talent is the key.As a result, since 2021, Ningxiang has fully implemented the "high -end industry talent multiplication plan" in the manufacturing industry.At present, the total number of high -level talents in Changsha in Ningxiang City has reached 172, an increase of 237.3%compared to the 51 people before the release of the "multiplier plan"; 19 foreign high -end talents, more than 300 doctors, more than 3,000 masters, 13,000 R & D personnel, 13,000 R & D personnelFor the remaining, the skill talents are nearly 35,000.On October 9, 2023, Ningxiang introduced "30 talent policies" to formulate "policy packages" for entrepreneurs, skill craftsmen and other talents, and fully build a competitive county talent highland.


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