Help, the baby is rushing to study this year, how to buy a house is the most insurance

Buying a house is Hot discussion information websitea happy thing.

But most of the process of buying a house is miserable.

On the one hand, there are too many house purchase information, and there is no way to distinguish the selection;

On the other hand, there are too many choices, hundreds of new disks, east and west, north and south, there is no way to judge;

Furthermore, many friends still need to consider the relevantSchool district planningHowever, the entry policies of hundreds of schools in the 11th district in Guangzhou are different.

(I made a copy for everyonePart of the indicators of GuangzhouIn the form of selling prices, units, supporting schools, and advantages and disadvantages, if you are interested, you can find meWill be updated continuously)

Then, for the simplest example, many fans have recently come to me. The first sentence is often:"This year's baby is going to read"Essence

This situation is embarrassing.

Children's education choices are irreversible. Once they choose, there is no regret medicine.

1) Many real estate, cannot be inserted.Either do not open this grade/start this grade, but you ca n’t enter the location in work.For example, Guanggang's work is all in Hedong Elementary School.

2) Most of the real estate cannot be read.It means that if your baby is going to school next year, 99%of the new market on the market is not suitable for you.

The remaining 1%, I can give you part of the list directly.

for example,Panyu XinghanandCar townThere are existing buildings.One is nine years in Guangwai, and the other is a majority of nine years, and the total price can be taken.

sameMore than 2 million alsoHuangpuHuangpu New TownAfter opening 1-6, it is considered to be a small ability.Now selling the Central Park Group, there are also surprises in the price.Anyway, the cost -effectiveness of Tieyi in nine years is very high.

There are also a few confiscated buildings, and the real estate that can be done with an online signing, such as

Pearl River Huacheng in Tianhe(Sports East Jun Junhe, the threshold price is more than 3 million)
Huangpu's Central City(Nine -year Lakers University, the threshold price is more than 2 million)
PanyuRuilu Mansion(In the nine years, more than 6 million large -sized types are now on sale)

... ...

The location and the supporting facilities, everyone can be visible to the naked eye.I will not say much.ToSchoolCondition,I can ask me clearly.

If you are indeedHolding to study,I want to live in a new house again, but if you are struggling with the price or something, then you talk about me privately.

As Guangzhou's most influential real estate self -media,ushaveAdditional media discountsAs long as you are currently determined to buy a house, then we will definitely allow you to pay at least for a few years.

In fact, in addition to the hard needs of school school this year, most of the fans and friends who have recently chatted with me are also selling one and one.Replacement needsEssence

For them, the original house's degree is not good, not famous, but it is not bad, and it is not clear; but it is quite comfortable to live, so it is difficult to replace it hard.

Think of selling houses, renting houses, moving, renovation ...

Many times, I don't know what my choice is in the endValue is not worth itEssenceIs there a great impact of elementary school?Is it more important in high school? Can you change it in middle school?

A public reply:In the picture, the house is the guarantee option.What kind of situation needs to be guaranteed, this is a question that needs to be reflected.

How important is elementary school?I tell everyone clearly,The importance of parents is far more than the school itselfEssence

OnepremiseTheThis is a school that is still available in all aspects.If it is too straightforward, it is inconvenient to say that some logical things, I will send a circle of friends, and those who are interested can add me.

All in all, Guangzhou's enrollment environment, or the situation of the property market, is full of information asymmetryAll kinds of unprofessional, each family's family situation is different, income budget, work commuting, circle of friends, pick -up methods, chicken and baby main force, etc., thousands of people.

How to choose different school district housing according to your own actual situation, or after looking for me to understand the improvement environment, determine that you do not need to choose XX -like school district housesThis is a sentence worth reading a few times.

How to operate is the mostWhat about the best solution?How to avoid making decisions to the greatest extent?

Chat privately.

丨 10 months, Xiaohongshu has accumulated 20,000 fans, which is the trust of everyone

Aisha, as the front -line media of deep cultivation+educationPeople are more concerned about everyone's real needs and what kind of house is suitable for.

Many of us, like me, moved to the city of Guangzhou, must be to live a better life, not to be worse.

Whenever there is the ability, any opportunity, but all possible, I also hope that children can have better education and better schools within the scope of budgets. This is common sense and instinct.

But the best school is not necessarily the best for you.

Buying a house and choosing a school is a process of continuous reconciliation with yourself.Accept its imperfections and the imperfections of their budget.Buy out of your hand, do not love past, not to be afraid of the future, be a good child to be a good child.

Well, this is to accompany you to buy a house, Aisha, who accompanies you to study, is useless to be tangled. It is useful to find me.

More about Mother Aisha:can watch

TheBefore buying a house and getting in school, first find Aisha to meet

: I haven't figured out these 10 questions. How dare you buy a school district house?

I sincerely hope that every buyer is buying a houseBeforeenoughThe planning of the sector, the supporting facilities of the school district, and even have a full understanding of the overall education pattern of Guangzhou, and understand the rules of the game.


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