Urban tourist attractions commercial shooting and fascination affects tourists experience lawyers: moving a small bench to occupy the shooting location is suspected of occupying the road

As a city of landscape and a beautiful place,breaking news website Chongqing attracts a large number of tourists to take pictures every day.The photography studio and private photographers who smelled business opportunities also followed. Some of them operated with professional equipment at the attractions, and some sold photo products on the road ... Recently, the 12345 hotline has been reported to the citizens.There are commercial photography teams in the Forest Park of Hongen Temple in Jiangbei District. Some tourists believe that the behavior affects the experience of visiting the experience.

What is the matter?The reporter conducted a visit to this.

Hongen Temple Forest Park

The multi -movement line of the photography team is not smooth

"Recently, the park has been the kind of photography team, and the place with good scenery has been taken for a long time." Citizen Wang Chuan reported to reporters that he often went to Hongen Temple Forest Park to take photos."The weather is good these days, and there are many tourists from the park, but the long -term" occupying "shooting location of commercial photographers has made other tourists feel dissatisfied."

At 1 noon on December 25 last year, the reporter saw at the Hongen Temple Forest Park that there were a lot of tourists in the park, and many people went straight to the highest point of the park Hongen Pavilion.This is a better viewing platform for vision in the central city. The wonderful viewing location and the red wall and green tiles and antique architectural styles have attracted many people to "check in".The reporter saw two commercial photography teams in the flow of people. One of the teams had 5 people, one man and one woman were models, wearing exquisite Hanfu, and the other two took them props for them. At the end, they were photographers holding cameras.

After reaching the Hongen Pavilion on the top of the mountain, the reporter found that there were already other commercial photography teams shooting here, and they stood on the steps directly below the building of the main building of Hong En Pavilion, occupying most of the road to the top.At this time, there was just a couple who came from hand, and wanted to go up to the attic from the steps.After seeing many shooting teams, they chose to go forward.

Not only in front of the attic, but also under the red wall around the Hongen Pavilion and the quiet corridor built around the mountain road, the shooting team can always be seen."Most of these teams shoot photo samples, and then put them on various platforms on the Internet to attract consumers to buy photo shooting services in the park." The tourists on the side said he was a nearby resident and was familiar with this "business model".

"Sorry, can you please let you let you take it for a while, otherwise you will shoot you, thank you!" When the reporter was resting at the corridor of the corridor, he received a polite reminder from a commercial photographer.They hang their work permits on their chests, without specific names and photos, only information about the studio.

Photography enthusiast Li Lu raised the SLR camera and found that he could not avoid the model wearing Hanfu and photographers who took a photo for them. Li Lu had to put away the camera."If you are looking for less time to shoot, the light and scenery are definitely not so good. When the weather is good, there are more commercial shooting teams. They do not want tourists to break into the shooting screen, which will definitely affect other people's play experience."

Liziba Single Single Cross Line Observation Platform

Commercial photographers set up small benches "occupying"

At 3 pm on December 25 last year, the reporter came to the famous urban tourist spot in our city -Liziba Single Single Crossing Building Observation Platform.

Although it is not a holiday, the platform is still full of tourists who come to visit. Many vendors are selling small products here, which can be described as crowded.

"Professional photos, refined, unsatisfactory charge ..." The reporter walked on the platform. From time to time, a commercial photographer passed by the reporter and drank the "professional photo" to solicit business.

The reporter noticed that at this time, there were three or four commercial photographers teams on the platform. Although there were no tools such as fences, these commercial photographers were carrying small benches, bubble billboards, etc.The bubble billboard "encircles" a small space on the edge of the guardrail near the highway.

Later, the reporter saw that a commercial photographer took a tourist to take a picture of the "encirclement" in their "encirclement". After the tourist leaned on the fence, other photographers sitting on the small bench will move a small bench toPrevent yourself from blocking the angle of taking pictures.Behind the tourists is the scene of the monorail through the building. In their lens, there are only tourists who have been photographed without other pedestrians passing by.

"No one else in the photo, only yourself ..." The reporter noticed that when these photographers recruited business, they also called out such advertising to recruit guests.

During this period, several groups of tourists also wanted to take photos of "only themselves", but they watched a small bench outside the small air, and looked at the next surrounding environment. They did not choose to stand in to shoot.

The reporter asked a commercial photographer who was unwilling to disclose his name. He told the reporter that they did not allow tourists to go near the open space by the road barbar, but in fact, the open space by the road guardrail was "surrounded" by these photographers teams.For four small air, most tourists choose to shoot outside the small air.

During the tens of minutes observed by the reporter, only Ms. Li (a pseudonym) entered a small space to take pictures through the gap near the billboard and railings, and although the photographer sitting on the small bench was not stopped, it used to useStrange eyes look at this family.

Ms. Li told reporters that their family of four came from Wuhan, Hubei to travel in Chongqing. They came to Liziba Single -Stroperine to watch the viewing platform. They wanted to take a photo of a good picture.Just squeezed in and took a photo.


Use a small bench to occupy the shooting place or suspected of occupying the road to operate

Is there any violation of the commercial camera behavior of Hongen Temple Forest Park and Liziba Single Crossing Building Observation Platform?The reporter then contacted the park managers and lawyers for consultation.

Mr. Sun, the relevant person in charge of Hongen Temple Park Management Co., Ltd., said that they also received relevant reflections from tourists, but he believes that as the managers of the park, they have no right to stop the behavior of any party."For our park, both ordinary tourists or commercial photographers are tourists in the park."

Mr. Sun told reporters that there are indeed many photographers from business studios bring their customers or online anchors to the park to take pictures, but the park belongs to public places.Any rights to stop them from taking pictures."There are our security guards in the park to patrol, and we will also strengthen patrols in the future and guide everyone to take pictures in an orderly manner."

Regarding this kind of situation, Lawyer Gao Jinkuan of Beijing Kangda (Chongqing) Law Firm stated that according to the "Chongqing Park Management Regulations", it is forbidden to destroy the park vegetation and landscape in the park, damage the park flowers and trees, and enter the lawn green space without permission.Noise, hindering public tranquility, etc.; Photography points that are not allowed to designate charges; units and individuals hold large -scale amusement, exhibitions and other activities in the park.Check in relevant procedures.

"But for commercial photographers, they just borrowed the park's venue to take pictures, and they were not engaged in operating affairs in the park." Attorney Gao Jinkuan said that for the park, whether commercial photographers take pictures for customers, tourists or touristsTake pictures for family members and themselves, which are essentially the photos of tourists. They did not violate the relevant provisions of the Chongqing Park Management Regulations, so they did not constitute illegal regulations.

However, for the Liziba Single -Line Observation Platform, there are commercial photographers who use small benches to "occupy" behaviors, and Lawyers Gao Jinkuan believes that using small benches, billboards and other objects to occupy the sidewalks that were originally available for people, and they were paid by paying compensation.The method is to take pictures of others. This behavior is suspected of illegal business operations. Relevant departments can verify and punish them and ask them to evacuate.

Some time ago, after some tourists taking photos in Hongyatong Scenic Area were blocked, the Yuzhong District Cultural and Tourism Commission also said that the next step will be combined with public security, urban management, market supervision and other departments to destroy the order of tourism, and identify more high -quality shooting punch cards.Points, standardize the operation of "travel shooting", and rectify illegal operations.


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