[Evaluation Line] Zhong'an Time Review: Let the people live a better life

  "Our goal is moment information websitevery magnificent and simple. In the final analysis, it is to let the people live a better life." Once President Xi Jinping published on the occasion of the arrival of 20024, once he was broadcast, it immediately caused the cadres and the masses of the masses of cadres and the masses.Warm response.Sincere emotions, kind words, have made the masses of the masses of the masses very encouraged and look forward to a better life.

  The Communist Party's head is to do things for the people and do the affairs of ordinary people.In the past 2023, from the past 2023, from the people's affairs, intimate things, and specific things, continuously integrated into the top -level design of the development of the party and the country.The question is to further improve the development and development system of urban and rural integration & hellip; & hellip; born for the people, flourish because of the people, and always fight with the people, and fight for the interests of the people.point.

  Going to school, pension, and seeing a doctor, everyone cares about, the most direct, and most realistic life, which carries our longing for a better life.In November 2023, the number of new employment in cities and towns across the country reached 11.45 million, and the annual target tasks of 11 million people were completed; the level of basic public health funds for basic public health in my country reached 89 yuan. Or the price of drugs with successful bidding decreased by 61.7%on average; launched the implementation of the new era of basic education to expand the quality and improvement action plan to better satisfy the people's desire to "learn" & hellip; & hellip; Visible and touched changes.

  There is no trivial matter of people's livelihood, and branches and leaves always care about affection.In the new journey, the child's support education, the employment of young people, and the elderly's care for the elderly are family affairs and state affairs.Party members and cadres should start with the concerns of the people and the masses. Starting from the things that make the people satisfied, they are not only devoted to "sending charcoal in the snow", and it is really solving the troubles, worry, and worry of the masses;Playing the foundation and long -term "divide things", a blueprint paint to the end, one stubble one after another, allowing the people to see changes and benefits, and continuously meet the people's growing good life needs.


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