Zheng Xincong, Director of the Macau China Association, Zheng Xincong, 2024 New Year's Constellation: Spring Breeze is warm and recovered.

  Zheng Xincong,Hot discussion information website Director of Macau China Association of China, donated words in the 2024 New Year ——

  The spring breeze is warm and recovered

  People's Daily Online, Macau, January 1st(Reporter Fokoki) On the evening of December 31, 2023, Zheng Xincong, director of the Liaison Office of the Special Administrative Region of the Central People's Government in Macau, published a Chinese New Year's Consultile in 2024, representing the Central Government's Liaison Office in Macau to extend the New Year greetings and beautiful Macau compatriots.Wish, wish the great motherland prosperity, wish Macau a better tomorrow, and wish Macau compatriots happy and healthy.

  Zheng Xincong said that 2023 is a year for Macau's overall development and security, and realizing a strong economic recovery.With the strong support of the central government and the mainland of the motherland, all walks of life in Macau have made good luck and united struggle, and all causes have achieved gratifying results.The high -quality revision of the National Security Law of Macau has further condensed the national security talents.The Macau election system has been further improved, and the principle of "Patriotic Governing Australia" is deeply rooted in people's hearts.The main economic indicators are steadily good, cultural tourism "fire", "prosperity", and consumption "heat", and all walks of life press the "fast -forward key".The central government supports the development of Hengqin Guangdong -Australia's in -depth cooperation zone.Essence

  Zheng Xincong pointed out that President Xi Jinping emphasized in the New Year's congratulations in 2024 that it is necessary to continue to support Hong Kong and Macau to play their own advantages and maintain long -term prosperity and stability in the better integration of the national development.This fully reflects the cordial care of Hong Kong and Macau compatriots, and pointed out the direction for Hong Kong and Macau to achieve new development and innovate a new situation.Looking forward to the future, the development of the motherland is great and everything is full of things. The people of Macau are full of people and energy. In the new journey of building a strong country and a new journey of national rejuvenation, Macau has unique advantages, unlimited opportunities, and promising future.


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