Turn the major event inheritance of national culture (thought vertical and horizontal)

  When inspecting the Chinese version of the National Edition Museum,Exclusive information website General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "In our era, the country is prosperous, the society is safe and stable, and the willingness and ability to inherit national culture.Shi Qizhi and cultural people are the important cultural traditions of the Chinese nation.

  China's historical classics are as long as the sea of smoke and the long history, and it is an important carrier to carry 5,000 years of Chinese civilization.The ancient Chinese sages have long realized that the compilation of literature and classics is of great significance to the inheritance of civilization.As early as the Zhou Dynasty, the Zhou royal family had a history of guarding the Tibetan room, which was responsible for collecting the royal classics.During the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius took the responsibility of restoring the etiquette and music system of the Zhou Dynasty, presided over the "six arts", and opened the precedent for the compilation of ancient classics.During the Western Han Dynasty, Liu Xiang, Liu Ye's father and son were ordered to organize group membership, and the first six -point method for the classification of Chinese books.The compilation of large -scale books and documents is the heavy head of the prosperity.Tang Taizong organized a number of positive history.There are many large books in the Song Dynasty.During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were magnificent book compilation projects such as "Yongle Ceremony", "Ancient and Modern Book Integration" and "Siku Quanshu".The compilation of the classics of all ages depicts a dazzling scenery in the history of Chinese civilization, and has made a significant contribution to the continuous inheritance of Chinese civilization.

  There are many reasons for the formation of the tradition of the prosperous cultivation. There are both deep cultural and psychological reasons, as well as economic, political, cultural, and social reasons. It is the result of the long -term historical tradition, long -term cultural accumulation and good environment.First of all, the Chinese nation has long realized the significance of historical documents to the inheritance of civilization. This is the deep psychological reasons formed by the tradition of the Shengshi Culture.Secondly, politicians and literati scholars in China have attached great importance to the function of the history of historical classics. They focus on the compilation of classics and literature collection.In addition, during the prosperous period of Taiping, economic prosperity, social stability, and prosperity of humanities have provided a certain material foundation, social environment and talent reserves for the prosperity.The cultivation of the text and the prosperity complement each other and achieve each other.

  The Communist Party of China attaches great importance to the protection and finishing of ancient books.In the new era, our party places cultural construction in the prominent position of governing the country.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "We must attach importance to the protection and inheritance of historical and cultural protection and protect the spirit of the spirit of the Chinese nation." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the "Opinions on the Implementation of the Excellent Traditional Culture Inheritance and Development Project""Opinions on Promoting the Work of Ancient Books in the New Era" and "National Ancient Books Work Plan from 2021-2035", etc., have made a series of deployment of inheritance and promoting the excellent traditional culture of China.The "Global Chinese Native Project" and "Confucian Tibetan" have achieved significant results.The national selection and announced 6 batches of "National Calcious Ancient Books".Focus on the implementation of the "Yongle Ceremony", the Dunhuang literature systematic protection and organizing and publishing project, the Chinese version of the handed down project (ancient book part), and the digital project of ancient ancient books.

  Today, China, the national strength is booming. We are more confident and capable of cultivating the texts than any time in history. We do a good job of inheriting the national culture and providing strong cultural support for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.It is necessary to implement a variety of large -scale literature compilation and publication projects, promote the film and publication of rare ancient books, and provide convenience for research and utilization.Do a good job of finishing, punctuation, annotations and translations of Chinese classics literature, laying the foundation for the popularization of traditional culture.Do a good job in the study of academic achievements and ideological values of Chinese classics, and in -depth digging into the rich ideological connotation and humanistic spirit. This is a key task inheriting and promoting the excellent traditional culture of China.It is also necessary to do the digitalization of classics literature and compile large -scale literature and classics databases.Promote the use of "activation" of classics literature. Through digital three -dimensional interaction, immersive cultural participation methods, etc., let the classics literature walk into the people and the public, enter the hearts of young people, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

  In the ancient times and the present, you know the past.The classic literature carries the genes of Chinese civilization, and provides rich traditional culture for cultural construction in the new era.In the new era, it has given us a new cultural mission. We must do a good job of the prosperous practice, so that the ancient Chinese civilization is glory.


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