These things in President Xi Jinping's New Year's congratulations are closely related to Shandong

  One dollar is 实时新闻updated, Vientiane updates.On the eve of the New Year, President Xi Jinping published a New Year's congratulatory word in 2024, extending the blessings of the New Year.

  Many of the things that President Xi Jinping's thoughts in the new year's congratulations are closely related to Shandong.

  Economic continues to rise better

  The epidemic prevention and control has been steadily transferred, and my country's economy has continued to rise better, and the high -quality development has been solidly advanced. New Year's congratulations review the main theme of China's development this year.

  As a large economic province, in the past year, Shandong has worked hard to restore growth. In the first three quarters, the province's GDP was 6812.5 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 6.0%; the value added of industries above designated size increased by 7.1%year -on -year, and fixed asset investment increased by 5.5%year -on -year.The total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 8.2%year -on -year.The economic scale is steadily expanding, and the total economic volume is expected to reach a 9 trillion yuan steps and over trillion cities.The total grain output throughout the year ranks third in the country. Among them, the production of summer grain ranks second in the country. The grain reserves, circulation, and processing and conversion capabilities are at the forefront of the country, and it is responsible for ensuring the provinces of food security.The target of "walking in front and opening a new bureau", Shandong has settled the responsibility of the large economic province.

  Innovative power development is energetic

  C919 large aircraft realizes COFCO, domestic large cruise ship completion, and the Shenzhou family space relay & hellip; & hellip;

  This year, Shandong has increased innovation -driven to build a high -level innovative province to run out of acceleration: the world's first fourth -generation nuclear power plant is put into operation at Rongcheng.The Rockets issued by the Haiyang Solid Rockets Testing Base have realized the first long -distance mobile launch & hellip; & hellip; each time the first "first" and "first" are exciting and more exciting.

  New energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products have become new kinetic energy and new business cards for foreign trade exports.In the first 11 months, Shandong Foreign Trade achieved an export of 8.31 billion yuan, an increase of 46%year -on -year, of which the export of lithium -ion batteries was 4.26 billion yuan, an increase of 125.5%year -on -year.

  Basic innovation research and development continues to accumulate.R & D funds exceeded the 200 billion yuan mark for the first time, and high -energy innovation platforms accelerated the layout. The high -power solid oxide fuel cell thermal power connection was efficiently recorded in the world's highest record. Three new national "double -cross" platforms ranked first in the country.

  The pursuit of a better life

  Chengdu Grand Games, holiday tourism, "village super", "village evening" & hellip; & hellip; New Year's congratulatory words reviewed China with vitality and hot air in the past year.Among them, there are no shortage of Qi Lu's children.

  The Chengdu Grand Games and the Hangzhou Asian Games show the good "Shandong weight".At the Hangzhou Asian Games, Shandong won 38 gold, which doubled with the previous year.Sports are increasingly integrated into ordinary people's lives."Grassroots" kicked off, whistle kick -off, "Village Super" and "Village BA" and other people's amateur leagues sang a new chapter in the revitalization of Shandong country.The Zibo barbecue fire "burned" to the whole country, the super -low light light "super combustion", special forces -style night climbing Tarzan and other phenomenal tourism booms have continued to appear. Traveling in Shandong has become the highlight of this year's holiday tourism."Quantity", "net red" "long red".

  Great civilization

  China is a great country that inherits the great civilization.President Xi Jinping emphasized in the new year's congratulatory words that in China, how long history is, how long the civilization is, this is the source of our self -confidence and strength.

  This year marks the tenth anniversary of Shandong's in -depth practice of culture.In ten years, Qifeng Luyun Huijianghai: The Nishan World Civilization Forum was successfully held for nine sessions. The international cultural exchange activity of "Goodke's Shandong Silk Road Love" has gone abroad.Shandong grasped "Shandong Hand -made" in one hand, grasped "Shandong Intelligent Manufacturing" in one hand, tapped the "Shandong Wenmai", organized the compilation of "Qilu Wenku", and planned to design the "Four Gallery and One Line" & hellip; & hellip;

  Over the past year, the excellent traditional culture of China has increasingly integrated into all aspects of the people's lives. The Qinghai Blue Besides, the cultural Shandong highlights the humanistic characteristics and the vitality of the times.

  Actively embrace the world

  In the New Year's congratulations, China not only develops itself, but also actively embraces the world and acts as a major country.

  Over the past year, Shandong has strengthened interaction with the world.China, Japan and South Korea Cooperation International Forum, International Youth Exchange Conference, World Entry Haikou Urban Cooperation Development Conference, and multinational company leader Qingdao Summit & Hellip; & Hellip; Shandong successfully held many high -end international conferences and forums, which ushered in the guests and friends of all parties.

  On December 26, the 2500th China -Europe trains issued by Shandong this year & mdash; & mdash; Shandong Central and European trains' home appliances are available to Uzbekistan Tashgan.Shandong played a two -way and mutual benefit, and the location and traffic advantages of China Unicom at home and abroad, actively served and integrated into the construction of the “Belt and Road”, and strengthened the construction of the upper -joint demonstration area at a high level.


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