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There are only the last 4 working days!IntersectionIntersection

There are only the last 4 working days!IntersectionIntersection

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"Liaohui Insurance", as a custom -based commercial medical insurance guided by the Liaocheng City Government, is under the guidance of the Liaocheng Medical Security Bureau and the supervision of the Liaocheng Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration. It is an important part of a multi -level medical security system.The burden of expenses is of great significance to prevent poverty due to illness and meet the demand for diverse medical security for citizens.Since its launch, nearly 1.3 million people have been guarded, and the maximum claim amount is 946,400 yuan.

◎ Increase the annual cumulative guarantee to 3.3 million yuan.

◎ Increasing responsibility II "Inpatients outside the scope of basic medical insurance" During the insurance period, the insured person paid first to pay for the rational treatment of disease or accidental hospitalization due to illness or accidental hospitalization.Without "Chatting Insurance" insurance liability 1. Responsibility III, and the cost of four areas.

◎ Reduce responsibility. The deductible amount of "medical expenses for hospitalization within the scope of basic medical insurance" will be exempted to 16,000 yuan.

◎ Reduce responsibility three "specific drug medical expenses guarantee" exemption to 16,000 yuan.

◎ Newborn preferential treatment: In 2024, both neonatal and their parents have insured "Liaohui Insurance" in 2024. The newborn has automatically enjoyed the "Liao Huibao" annual insurance benefits since its birth.

◎ Retired soldiers' preferential treatment: In 2024, retired soldiers can participate in the "Chatting Insurance" annual insurance benefits at any time.

Note: The guarantee period is consistent with the basic medical insurance of Liaocheng

Whenever "Talk to Hui Bao" participating in the insurance user

You can enjoy exclusive drug purchase benefits


method one

Two ways

Follow the public account of "Liaohui Insurance" to participate in insurance

Method three

Insured the insurance company sales staff with sales qualifications

Four ways


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