From the New Year's Congratulations to the world's feelings of President Xi Jinping

  Xinhua News Agency,breaking news website Beijing, January 1 (Reporter Zhao Yan and Zhang Yuan) The years are not living, and time is like flowing.When the first ray of the new year of the new year awakened the land of Shenzhou, the first step in China in the new era is on the new journey.

  From the New Year's greetings published by President Xi Jinping, people read a confident and self -confidence and motivation to inject valuable confidence and motivation for the turbulent world;China, China; a world with a world with the world, and building a beautiful future with countries around the world.

Peaceful development cooperation and win -win situation

  "The changes in the world, the development of peace is always the main theme, and the win -win cooperation is always the last word." In the New Year's congratulatory words in the 20122, President Xi Jinping once again focused on peace and development, calling for cooperation and win -win.

  Peace and development are high -frequency words mentioned in the Chinese New Year's congratulations over the years.Regardless of how the international storm changes, "China will not change the sincerity and goodwill to promote the world's peace and promote common development", "strive to contribute to Chinese wisdom and Chinese plan for human peace and development" ... Pray for peace and peace, look forward to prosperity and development, Xi JinpingThe chairman's mind is the common expectations of the people in the world.Among the 100 -year change, the confidence brought by "OK China" to the "Uncertain World" is precious.

  Maintaining world peace, China's mission is on the shoulders, and step by step.In the past year, under the mediation of China, Saudi Arabia and Iran achieved reconciliation to establish a model for regional countries to resolve contradictions through dialogue and negotiation.The biggest convention; in the face of a new round of Pakistani conflict, China has carried out shuttle diplomacy, providing emergency humanitarian material assistance, China's fair position and active action, which has been supported and recognized by the international community ...

  Promoting the win -win cooperation, China has pioneered for progress and continued.In the past year, the Chinese economy has continued to rise, and its high -quality development has been promoted solidly, adding more advanced operations to the global recovery, and deeply cultivating the Chinese market has become a universal consensus in the international community.As the most popular international public product and largest international cooperation platform, the next "Belt and Road" has opened the next golden decade of high -quality development.The road will help more developing countries to achieve development goals.

  British international relations adviser Keith Bernet believes that China has firmly followed the path of peaceful development and promotes the common development of the world through joint construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative, and has made positive contributions to the construction of human beings.

  Hungarian John Von Nemoman University Eurasian Center Director Holvat Lievit said that the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative promotes the peaceful development and multi -polarization of the world.The road of peaceful development is widely popular, and countries around the world are willing to cooperate and win a win -win cooperation with China.

Hugging the world's great power

  "China not only develops itself, but also actively embraces the world and take responsibility for the responsibility of the great power." In the New Year's congratulatory words, President Xi Jinping once again showed the broad minds of the open China and the world of China.

  "China today is China, which is closely related to the world", "the Chinese people pay attention to the future of their own country, and also the future of the world" ... From the New Year's congratulations published by President Xi Jinping over the years, from the development trajectory of China in the new era, people are clearWitness the integration of China and the world, achieve each other, and truly perceive how Chinese leaders start from the well -being and their own practices of all human beings, and provide good recipes for cracking global challenges.

  Openness is a distinctive sign of China.China has maintained its status in the largest country of goods trade for 6 consecutive years and became the main trading partners in more than 140 countries and regions;Platform; the free trade test area has been upgraded to 22, and the restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing industry will be completely canceled, and the access of telecommunications, medical care and other service industry access ... The open door is getting bigger and bigger, and China continues to bring new new brings to the world.Surprise and opportunities.

  Looking around, the world economic recovery is insufficient, and global development is facing many challenges.Faced with unilateralism and protectionism, in the face of the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle of "building walls and setting up bases", "decapyles and broken chains", China has always advocated inclusive and inclusive economic globalization, promotes the construction of an open world economy, and is committed to the construction of an open world economy.Create opportunities in openness, solve problems in cooperation, and inject strong forces into the common development and the process of modernization of the world.

  "What we are pursuing is not the modernization of China, but we look forward to the modernization of countries, including countries with major developing countries."Highlight the courage and responsibility to lead historical progress.

  In 2023, the awakening of "Global Southern" attracted worldwide attention.The cooperation mechanism of the BRICS countries ushered in an expansion, and the African Alliance became a formal member of the 20th Guard Group.China has always answered historical questions with developing countries with developing countries with the same destiny, and will jointly explore the vivid practice of modernization.

  From the perspective of British scholar Martin Jacques, Chinese -style modernization focuses on benefiting the people, committed to achieving social equality, and is getting out of a new path of modernization to provide deep inspiration for the majority of developing countries.

  Hone Wald Grassia, a researcher and professor of the St. Macos National University Asia Research Center, believes that China's modern road "is also an opportunity for developing countries."

  Honor Formel Chapk, Honorary Chairman of the Perule Association in Berlin, Germany, believes that Chinese -style modernization has become a hot word that Chinese scholars have paid attention to, and to promote the modernization of the world, it has made people see China's sense of responsibility.

  Regarding the value of Chinese -style modernization, Ronnie Link, director of the Brazil China Issues Research Center, said that it is hoped that China will provide new opportunities for the development of the world with the new achievements of Chinese -style modernization, and provide new assistance for human exploration of modernization and better social systems.Promote the establishment of a community of human destiny.

Destiny with the future

  "The Chinese people know the preciousness of peace. We are willing to use the future of human beings as the future of human beings and the welfare of the people to promote the construction of a community of human destiny and build a better world." In the New Year's congratulatory words, President Xi Jinping issued again.Promote a sincere invitation to build a community of human destiny.

  Taking the benefits of the world as the benefit, the people's heart.After ten years of practice, the concept of building a community of human destiny is increasingly richer, and the common value of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom has become more and more popular. It builds long -lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, clean and beautiful world.Become the common goal of more and more countries.

  Those who are in the world, friends are all over the world.Looking back at 2023, under the leadership of the head of state, a series of home diplomacy ushered in the guests and friends of Wuzhou. A series of visits to share with old friends and new friends to share Chinese claims and deepen each other's consensus.Looking forward to 2024, the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France will usher in the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with China and Russia, and China has worked with Brazil for half a century ... The foundation of friendship, close -up cooperation bond, and the action of savings. China will continue to with the world.The partner broke the waves and traveled to the future of fate and co -coexistence.

  In 2024, the establishment of the China -Latinner Forum will be at the 10th anniversary, and it is worth looking forward to shaking hands across mountains and seas.The new China -Africa Cooperation Forum meeting will be held again in China. China and Africa will write more moving stories on the road of building a high -level community of African Destiny.  

  Talking about the way to get along with each other, President Bolorov, Dean of the School of International Relations and Management of the Moscow School of International Relations in Russia, said that under the leadership of the head of state, the cooperation directions of Russia and China are clear and efficient.The two countries continue to work closely in bilateral and multilateral fields to benefit the people of the two countries.

  Make emotions in the strategic and leading of Sino -French relations. Aloze, Chairman of the Friendship Group of French National Parliament, believes that as a representative of different civilizations in China and the country that adheres to multilateralism, France and China should strengthen cooperation and conduct extensive exchanges with extensive exchanges., Strengthening mutual learning, deepening traditional friendship, working together to oppose the confrontation of the group, and maintain world peace.

  Interest with faith, blend with each other, and love each other, treat each other with sincerity.In the international situation of storms, China has continued to deepen the global partnership of equality, openness, and cooperation, and seek common welfare in all mankind in the in -depth interaction with the world.

  The wind and clouds change, adhere to the right path of the world;In the new journey, China will grasp the general direction of human development and progress, follow the great logic of historical twists and turns, comply with the major trend of the fate of the international community, and practice global development initiative, global security initiative, global civilization initiative, and promote high -quality co -construction.The "Belt and Road" continues to work with countries around the world to continuing to create a better tomorrow for human beings!


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