Focus interview: for the magnificent and simple goals

  CCTV News (Focus Interview): The独家资讯 winter solstice Yang Sheng, the age of the year.In the trek and rain, we walked through the extraordinary 2023 and ushered in hopeful 2024.On the occasion of the New Year, President Xi Jinping published a New Year's congratulatory word in 20024, depicting grand visions, full of ardent expectations, and giving people strength and progress.How should we look back in 2023?How can we welcome 2024?In the new year's congratulations, there is a bright answer of "how to think" and "how to do".

  Kang Zhen, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Beijing Normal University: "Every year, President Xi's New Year's congratulatory words are a particularly warm moment.Everyone's hard work, everyone's hard work, and everyone's hard work. Praise the retrograde, like the struggle. We seem to see our dedication and hard work from the general secretary's description. "

  Hao Dong, deputy director of the Strategic Philosophy Teaching and Research Office of the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (National Academy of Administration): "New Year's greetings every year is actually a symbol of our era, and it is also an important window for the world to understand China.We read the excitement with this great era, the advantages of Chinese -style modernization, the warmth of the community of human destiny, and the pride of each of us integrating into the realization of the great rejuvenation history of the Chinese nation. "

  Just in the past 2023, the epidemic prevention and control was stable, and my country's economy continued to rise and improved, and high -quality development was solidly advanced.Grain production "Twenty Licheng", rural rejuvenation shows a new weather.In terms of scientific and technological innovation, the C919 large aircraft realizes COFCO, domestic large -scale cruise ships complete the trial voyage, the Shenzhou family space relay, and the "Struggler" limit deep dive.The tide brand of domestic goods is very popular. It is difficult to find a domestic new mobile phone. New energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products have added new bright colors to Made in China.

  This year, overcoming many difficulties, China's progress has gone solid and powerful.

  Ai Silin, Dean of the Institute of Socialist Thoughts of Chinese Characteristics in the new era of Tsinghua University: "The shift from normalized epidemic prevention and control to normalized economic and social development requires careful design and macro -top -level design. At this point, we have done very well, so thatWe are very smooth and very solid. From south to north, from east to west, from industry to agriculture to agriculture to all aspects of commerce, there are continuous development and progress. ExitEnergy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products have continued to increase in the world, creating new miracles of Chinese manufacturing. These are remarkable and impressed by people. "

  Hao Dong: "Why go more solid, because we have the power, this power comes from we always regard Chinese -style modernization as the greatest politics in the process of promoting modernization, and always focus on the primary task of high -quality development. In scientific and technological innovation,Agricultural modernization construction, improvement of people's livelihood, national defense diplomacy, and social governance are precisely because we have played historical initiative, so we go more solidly and more powerful. "

  In 2023, it is also a wonderful and vibrant year.The pace of China is very energetic and very confident.

  The Chengdu Grand Games and the Hangzhou Asian Games are wonderful, and sports athletes have achieved great achievements.The crowd of tourism on the holidays, the film market is booming, the "village super" and "village night" are vibrant, and low -carbon life becomes fashionable.The warmth of life and the busyness of recovery interpret people's pursuit of beauty and happiness, and also show a vibrant and hot China.

  Kang Zhen: "Traveling through the north and south of our motherland, we can see that science and technology are everywhere, culture is everywhere, and vitality is everywhere. This means that we have overcome difficulties and move towards the updated life.The Hangzhou Asian Games is a happy event for the Asian people. No matter how the world is changing, the scenery is unique. Because the Chinese are looking forward to the future, hope for the future, and full of confidence in tomorrow. "

  Hao Dong: "From this era of fireworks and qi, it can be seen that the modernization we promoted as General Secretary Xi Jinping said that it is a modernization of material civilization and spiritual civilization.The material civilization to meet the people's needs for material life. We have also created more spiritual products to meet the needs of the people's spiritual world. "

  The Chinese in this year still move forward. Although they have experienced storms.Behind the powerful power is the unique ambition and confidence of the Chinese.For thousands of years, the Chinese civilization is like a magnificent long river, which has bred an endless brilliant civilization.In the new year's congratulatory words, President Xi Jinping described the civilization and vastness of the great motherland with beautiful vocabulary and affectionate words.He talked: "Hey Chinese, how long history is, how much civilization is, this is the source of our confidence and power."

  Ai Silin: "He used a series of literary colors to show us a beautiful China, a magnificent China. This is really a beautiful Chinese picture and image.It has a strong sense of bringing in. When the General Secretary said so, we felt the same, and were very proud and very encouraged. "

  Kang Zhen: "On June 2, 2023, the General Secretary presided over a symposium on cultural heritage development. At the symposium, the General Secretary proposed to promote Marxism and the combination of Chinese excellent traditional culture.Promote the construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation. In the process of moving towards modernization, the Chinese people are still in the course of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Chinese culture has contributed to our country and our nation. "

  China not only develops itself, but also actively embraces the world and take responsibility for the big country.In the past year, China has successfully held the China -Central Asian Summit and the third "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum. A series of home diplomacy has ushered in the guests and friends of Wuzhou.The changes in the world, peaceful development is always the main theme, and win -win cooperation is always the last word.

  Ai Silin: "Through international occasions, we are not only clearing what we are doing, clearing the development of China, clearing everything in China, everything that happens in China, but also in this process.The approach is transmitted to give our own reference to some other developing countries in the world. We not only benefit the Chinese people, but also benefit the people of the world. "

  Hao Dong: "Whether in hot areas and hot topics, or in the process of building new international order, new international organizations, and new international regulations, we have played some more active role, reflecting the Communist Party of China, which reflects the Communist Party of China.The party character of the world. We are promoting the development of human civilization together and pursuing the world development status of beauty and the common world. It is precisely because of this proactive state that we have more proactively integrating into the development of the world and reflecting ChinaChinese wisdom and Chinese solutions that can contribute to the world. "

  In 2023, the world is still not quite peaceful, and China this year is not easy.In the New Year's congratulations, President Xi Jinping talked about "wind and rain" three times.He cares for the hard work farmers, the hard -working workers, the entrepreneur who dare to fight hard, and the children of the family who defend the country ...

  Looking back at the past year, President Xi Jinping said affectionately: "Every ordinary person has made extraordinary contributions! The people will always be the greatest reliance on all the difficulties and challenges of all difficulties."

  Kang Zhen: "The ancient Chinese people said very well, the people were not the state, and Ben Gubun. Under the unified leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee, this millions of people will inevitably show their strong vitality and combat effectiveness.Determination and strength to defeat difficulties. "

  Hao Dong: "Always around the people, always highlighting the people, reflecting the people -centered Chinese Communists' ruling philosophy, the people are the creators of history. Although we encountered a series of unknown risks in the current developmentAnd challenges, but as long as we unite the people and rely on the people, we can defeat these risks and challenges. Only by fully mobilizing the creativity of the people and fully draw the wisdom of the people.It is more stable, walks more powerful, and can usher in a more beautiful scenery. "

  The new 2024 has arrived.In the new year, there are more new goals.As President Xi Jinping said in the new year's congratulatory words: "Our goal is magnificent and simple. In the final analysis, let the people live a better life. Let everyone feel happy, life is brilliant, and dreams come true."

  Kang Zhen: "After listening to the general secretary's new year's congratulatory words, I couldn't help remind me of the two poems of the poets of the Tang Dynasty, Wangwan, the poet of Wangwan," The tide is wide on both sides of the strait, and the wind is a sail.A better year. "

  Ai Silin: "I think 2024 will definitely be better than 2023. We have the basis for development in 2023 and have a long -term development. We have strong leadership, political advantages, and diligent and brave people.Improve the international environment, etc. All of this is the source of our confidence. Confidence will always be hung on our faces. It is reflected in our actions. In such a confident country, it is filled with the confident smile of every Chinese.China is a cute China. "


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