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TheHot discussion information website preface to the new year is opened.On the eve of the New Year, President Xi Jinping published the New Year's congratulatory words in 20024.Looking back, warm message, and ardent care inspired the masses of cadres and people in Yunnan Province to strengthen their ideals and beliefs and work hard.Everyone said that it is necessary to keep in mind the entrustment of President Xi Jinping, adhere to the steady progress, advance in promotion, stabilize, and break through, promote high -quality leapfrog development, and continue to achieve new breakthroughs.A more solid step.

Firm confidence and courage to move forward

President Xi Jinping's new year's congratulatory words made the majority of cadres in Yunnan's masses full of affection and confidence, and opened a new chapter in the development and development of development.

Not long ago, the largest domestic plateau mountain wind power base was completed and put into operation in Qiubei County. After production, it can provide 2.6 billion kilowatt -hours of clean electricity each year, which can meet the one -year electricity demand of 1.08 million households, reducing 2.165 million tons of carbon dioxide."As President Xi Jinping said in the New Year's congratulations, we continued to struggle and moved forward, and achieved a heavy gain. This 2023 'year -end summary' allows us to be confident in the future."Chang Lin Zhijian said that it is necessary to implement the new development concepts complete, accurately, and comprehensively, continue to grasp the new energy industry, grasp project construction, grasp investment promotion, and firmly grasp economic work on your hands, carry it on your shoulders, implement action on actionIn the end, strive to win the initiative and the future in promoting high -quality development.

In the winter, Yuanyang County Azhiko Village, the layers of terraces are accompanied by reckless forests, intertwined with light and shadow, and flowing into the eyes.The implementation of the "Agree Science Plan" revitalized the village and led the masses to increase their income."President Xi Jinping mentioned that the green mountains and green mountains are more sufficient, and the revitalization of the countryside shows a new weather." As a party member and cadre who fought on the front line of rural rejuvenation, Zhang Yun, the secretary of the party group and director of the Honghe Hani Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, saw it.More villages appear in the Red River.He said that in the new year, Honghe Prefecture will focus on improving the level of rural industrial development, improving the level of rural construction, and improving the level of rural governance, strengthen technology and reform two -wheeled drivers, strengthen farmers' income measures, concentrate their efforts to do one of them into one oneCatch the realistic things that can be seen and can live a better life.

Right now, the four seasons of Dai Dai Autonomous County, Shinping Yi Dai Autonomous County ushered in a bumper harvest, and a busy scene of the Agricultural and Rural Comprehensive Service Center in Mosha Town."President Xi Jinping's New Year's congratulatory words have made me have encouraged and confident confidence. As a large agricultural town, Mosha Town has paid an eye on industrial development, promoted the breakthrough of modern agriculture with base construction, strengthened new agricultural business entities, and achieved the added value in 2023 to achieve the added value in 202310.02 billion yuan, an increase of 17.83%. "Fang Yong, deputy director of the Agricultural and Rural Comprehensive Service Center of Mosha Town, said that he will seize the opportunity for the construction of the Red River Valley -Green Juvenile River Hot District Industrial Economic Belt and continue to create a polarized modern agricultural growth in the Xinping Plateau.And southern secondary center.

Inspiring the spirit of unremitting struggle

President Xi Jinping's heavy people's feelings in the new year's congratulatory words made the cadres and masses of Yunnan were very moved and deeply responsible.

"President Xi Jinping's New Year's congratulations mentioned that the elderly's care for the elderly is family affairs and state affairs." Li Zhen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the First People's Hospital of Kunming, said that he will firmly establish the concept of "people first, life first".With a high sense of responsibility and sense of mission, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of medical services, and provide patients with more accurate, secure, and humane services.

The Tongdian Town of the Pumi Autonomous County of the Lanping Bai people is located in the high -cold mountainous area. The fields of the winter are still busy with farmers.In recent years, Huangsong Village, Tongdian Town has developed a cherish and blueberry industry, and the villagers have stabilized their income to increase their industrial support.President Xi Jinping's New Year's congratulatory words made Li Zhengfeng, secretary of the party branch of Huangsong Village. He said: "We will unite and innovate, develop the high -level ecological industry, and build the villages to make the masses become happier and beautiful.Days. "

During the New Year's Day holiday, a large number of tourists welcomed a large number of tourists in Daping Miao Village, Mango Town, Zhenxiong County, Chi Shui River Basin.Through the implementation of the pilot project construction of the rural revitalization demonstration zone, relying on the local good ecological environment and national cultural resources, the local people ate "tourist rice" at the doorstep."The new year's congratulatory words mentioned 'rural revitalization showed a new weather'. When it comes to our hearts, it has brought us warmth and power."In the past, more than 10,000 tourists have been received, and operating income has reached more than 300,000 yuan, which has driven 29 Miao Village people to employment in the nearby.This year, it will also increase new formats such as agricultural experience parks, children's parks, and ceramic studios to promote the integration and development of the agricultural and cultural travel industry, and help the Miao Village people continue to increase their income.


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