Look at the thousands of weather in Chinese -style modernization from the New Year's congratulations

  On the eve of the New Year,高速资讯 President Xi Jinping published a New Year's congratulatory word in 20024.President Xi pointed out in the new year's congratulatory word: "In 2023, we continued to struggle and moved forward, experienced the baptism of wind and rain, saw the beautiful scenery, and achieved a heavy gain."

  The winter solstice is born, and the age of the year is returning to the law.The past 2023 is the beginning of the 2023 of the party's 20th spirit. It is a key year for the implementation of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" planning.Year.This year, we pace and firm, "walking very solidly", "walking very powerful", "seeing very vibrant", "walking very well."

  From "everyone is not afraid of wind and rain, watching and helping, facing challenges, and overcoming difficulties, I am deeply moved" to "our goals are magnificent and simple, in the final analysis, let the people live a better life", and then "Let everyone feel happy, life is brilliant, and dreams come true. "Chairman Xi said in the new year's congratulatory words, warm and powerful, affectionate and intimate, showing the deep people's feelings of the people's leaders.

  Among the New Year's congratulations, hundreds of millions of people can also really see that the Chinese economy has strong body, strong muscles and bones in the storm in the past year, and deeply feel the thousands of weather in the Chinese -style modernization journey.

  Grain production "Twenty Licheng", the green mountains are more sufficient, and the rural rejuvenation shows a new weather.The northeast comprehensive rejuvenation composes a new chapter, the Xiong'an New District grows up, and the vitality of the Yangtze River Economic Belt is pulsed.

  The C919 large aircraft realizes COFCO, the domestic large cruise ship completes the trial voyage, the Shenzhou family space relay, and the "Struggler" is the extreme dive.The tide brand of domestic products is very popular, and new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products have added new bright colors to China.

  The Chengdu Grand Games and the Hangzhou Asian Games are wonderful, and sports athletes have achieved great achievements.The crowds of tourism on the holidays are surging, the film market is booming, the "village super" and "village night" are vibrant, and low -carbon life becomes fashionable.

  Liangzhu and Erlitou's dawn of civilization, the text inheritance of the oracle bones of Yinxu, the cultural treasure of Sanxingdui, the context of the Chinese version of the National Edition Museum & Hellip; & Hellip;

  Each vivid picture, vitality scrolls, and one item in China created & hellip; & hellip; intuitive explanation to a solid step of building socialist modern countries in an all -round way. The prospect of modern Chinese -style modernization is bright, and it is expected in the future.

  "Our modernization is both the hardest and greatest."Promoting Chinese -style modernization is a pioneering cause without ancient people. It will inevitably encounter various risks, difficulties, and even stormy waves that can be expected and unpredictable.However, to promote the modernization of Chinese -style, we have this confidence and this confidence.The confidence and confidence come from the party's leadership, the achievements that have achieved from our industry, and the environment of the times we are in.Practice has also proved that the Chinese -style modern road has not only taken the right, through, but also steadily and well.

  President Xi emphasized in the new year's congratulations: "We must unswervingly promote the modernization of Chinese -style."

  Believe in the strong, the farther the trip.According to statistics, in the past year, the General Secretary has conducted domestic investigations 16 times, with footprints across 15 provinces.Everywhere, we provide episodes and methodology for us to promote the layout of Chinese -style modernization.In accordance with deployment and comprehensive implementation, we can better promote Chinese -style modernization with high -quality development.


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