Broadcast+| Forever "Four Hearts" to do a good job of "Four" Xi Jinping's hopes for the ambassador abroad

  On December 29,First-line information website General Secretary Xi Jinping received all the envoys who participated in the 2023rd ambassador work conference in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and delivered an important speech.After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the General Secretary has visited my country's ambassador abroad for the first time.

  Diplomatic representatives, also known as diplomatic envoys, are representatives of a country sent to other countries or international organizations.The General Secretary highly evaluates the work of the envoys is "holding the festival exotic, and it is a sign of the country."Earlier, in 2017 and 2019, the General Secretary also received and met with all the envoys twice.

  From 2017 proposed "a big change in a hundred years" to 2023 explained "a new stage that can be more actions", from the forever "four hearts" to the "four people", the general secretary has in -depth analysis of world development trends and international international development trends and international international development trends and international international development trends and international international development.The changes in the pattern deeply explain the historical mission of the new era and the new journey in the new era, and have high hopes for the new achievements in the ambassador.

  There is no great change in a century

  The conclusion of "a century -old change" began in December 2017. When General Secretary Xi Jinping officially proposed this major assertion when meeting the envoy of the Conference on Foreign Festival: "Looking at the world, we face the century.Great change. "

  Today, "a hundred years of change in a century" has long formed a widespread consensus worldwide.The 2023 Central Foreign Affairs Working Conference, which was just held, further analyzed the international situation and external environment of the current and future periods. It clearly identified the world's major changes to continue to "accelerate the evolution" and make an important judgment of "three will not change": humansThe general direction of development and progress will not change, the big logic of the world's historical twists and turns will not change, and the major trend of the fate of the international community will not change.

  You can make a more new stage

  There is no opportunity without a challenge. Similarly, facing new opportunities, you must welcome new challenges.

  In the 2017 reception, the General Secretary said that the current development of my country faces unprecedented opportunities and unprecedented challenges.He demanded that all comrades of the diplomatic front "deeply promoted the diplomacy of great powers with Chinese characteristics and continued to contribute to the development of the party and the country."

  When the general secretary participated in the 2023 envoy of the 2023rd ambassador, the General Secretary mentioned the "challenge".He particularly emphasized, "In the past few years, the new crown epidemic has spread, and external forces have continuously upgraded our suppression and containment, which has brought special challenges to diplomatic work. Everyone has also undergone special tests."The special contribution of the ambassador "She Xiao's family is for everyone and fights all over the world".

  Not long ago, the Central Foreign Affairs Working Conference system summarized the achievements and valuable experiences of foreign work in the new era in the new era, and made new judgments in the future: my country's development faces new strategic opportunities.In the new journey, the diplomacy of great country with Chinese characteristics will enter a new stage that can be more effective.

  "Can be more actions" means taking advantage of the potential and active.In this meeting, the General Secretary expressed clearly: "We must adhere to the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, promote the valuable experience of Chinese diplomacy in the new era, enhance cohesion, play combat effectiveness, defeat all difficulties and obstacles, and win new more victories."

  Forever "Four Hearts" to do the "Four"

  In 2017, the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that the diplomacy of great powers with Chinese characteristics should promote the construction of new international relations and promote the construction of a community of human destiny.

  In the same year, when he returned to China to participate in all the envoys of the 2017 ambassador to the envoy of the 2017 foreign ambassador, the General Secretary put forward the "four hearts" request to promote the diplomatic front of the diplomatic front to promote the diplomatic front of the diplomatic front:

  First, always the heart of loyalty to the party and dedication to the country;

  Second, always pioneer and forge ahead, take responsibility for a promising career;

  Third, always take the initiative to learn and self -innovate;

  Fourth, the party must always manage the party and strictly govern the party.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in the great journey of promoting the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, historic achievements and historic changes have been achieved in foreign work, and a new situation of diplomatic relations between major countries with Chinese characteristics has been created.China has become a responsible country with more international influence, leadership, and a sense of morality.

  In the central task of benchmarking Chinese -style modernization, the Central Foreign Affairs Work Conference in 2023 has fully deployed a new stage of external work.Among them, "one main line" -promoting the establishment of a community of human destiny, "two advocates" -The economic globalization that is equal and orderly, the "principles of policy" —— self -confidence, openness, tolerance, and toleranceJustice justice and win -win cooperation, these strategic deployments have provided strong guidance for foreign work in the new journey.

  How to do work in the new way to work abroad?During the reception on December 29, the General Secretary solemnly entrusted the festival to the entire ambassador:

  First, keep in mind the original mission and be a loyalty to the party;

  Second, strengthen the responsibility to do it, and be a hard -working entrepreneur;

  Third, the defender who dares to be good at fighting and be a national interest;

  Fourth, adhere to the self -revolution and be a promoter who strictly govern the party.

  Shoulder Hong Renyi, the beginning of the heart is like a Pan, and it is far away.


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