Continuing the struggle to make extraordinary contributions -President Xi Jinping's New Year's congratulations to inspire grassroots cadres from all over Xinjiang to make progress

"In 2023,Hot discussion information website we continued to struggle and moved forward, experienced the baptism of storms, saw the beautiful scenery, and achieved a heavy gain. Everyone remembered that it was difficult for a year and was full of confidence in the future." On the eve of the New Year, President Xi Jinping publishedNew Year's greetings in the year of 2002, the words of the words, the premium declaration, the ardent care, and the affectionate blessing, inspiring grassroots cadres in Xinjiang to be aggressive.Everyone said that in the new year, we will make their own contributions to writing the Chinese -style modern Xinjiang chapter!

Listening to the New Year's congratulatory words of President Xi Jinping, the changes in their hometown emerged in the minds of Mu Shajiang Nuerdun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Yingtam Town and the Party branch of the Tota Town of Yining County."In recent years, through various methods such as the development of planting, breeding, and small commodity operations, the annual net income of villagers in the villagers of Torwancwen Village has reached 23,000 yuan, achieving a significant growth." Mu Shajiang is full of confidence in the development of the village."We will continue to unite and work hard, do hard work, vigorously develop the rural tourism industry, promote the integration and development of the first, secondary and tertiary industries, and allow villagers to fully enjoy the results of development."

The night fell, and the village of Siyibag Village, Tuisha Town, Hetian City was full of light. The square in front of the village committee was lively. The villagers danced square dance, talked about home, playing basketball ...

"Listen to President Xi Jinping's New Year's congratulatory words, and once again feel that the word" people 'more than a thousand. "Wang Xiaoyi, the first secretary of the village of Saybag, said," In the new year, I want to take responsibility and improve the state.Play the foundation more firmly, make up for the shortcomings, and solve the most concerned issues of the villagers.

"Village revitalization shows a new weather", "The Village Super ''" Village Evening "... The words of President Xi Jinping in the New Year's greeting of 20024, the party branch secretary, the party branch of Min Village, Min Village Station of Shufu County Station,The director of the village committee Ru Timu Awuti is very excited: "I feel that President Xi Jinping said in the New Year's congratulatory words in the New Year's congratulations."

In 2023, Zhimin Village took the strong wind and strong industries of the rural rejuvenation, continued to strengthen the collective economy of the village, and implemented green and beautiful operations in front of the house to create a livable and available village."In 2024, we will focus on the work of preparing farming, high standard farmland construction, and continuing to consolidate the results of the improvement of rural living environment, and strive to achieve the goal of" let the people live a better life '. "say.

In 2023, through the development model of "Party Branch+Cooperative+Base+Farmers" in Shaya County, the professional cooperative cooperatives in Shaoya County, attracted farmers to join the cooperative in the form of land in the form of land, integrating small plots into large fields, and implementation of implementation, implementing it, and implementing it.Large -scale operations, intensive management, and standardized production, 1549 members not only got land dividends with no less than 700 yuan per acre, but also got secondary dividends from 400 to 500 yuan per mu.

"Hard -working people have lamb legs, and lazy people drink cold water. In the new year, our cooperative coalition will promote industrial integration and development, extend the industrial chain, and lead members to continue to be a good and hard -working farmers', in the vast fieldsIt has made extraordinary contributions so that everyone's life is more moisturized and blushing. "Cadre cadres of Hongqi Town, Shaya Prefecture, Sakyiddin Ai HaitiEssence

At the Xinjiang Entry -Exit Border Inspection Terminal, which is located in the west of the motherland, Ilkshtan's entry and exit border inspection station was cold and windy, and the temperature had dropped to minus 18 degrees Celsius.

Since the restoration of Passenger Transport Clearance on January 8, 2023, more and more passengers have traveled to and from Zhongji from here.As of December 31, 2023, the entrance and exit personnel at the port were 100,000, and the entry and exit vehicles reached 120,000.

"President Xi Jinping said in the New Year's congratulations that everyone's ordinary people have made extraordinary contributions. We have been encouraged and excited. In the new year, we will adhere to our responsibility and responsibility, keep the motherland West Polar, and to be the Western poles of the motherland.Realize the power of Chinese -style modernized contribution. "Police Liu Kejun said.

After listening to the affectionate entrustment of President Xi Jinping, Bayin Guo Leng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture's deputy secretary of the party committee and captain of the party committee Li Xiaojun became clearer in the future.He said that according to the blueprint of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, based on the functional positioning of "full disaster, major emergency", "cross -regional comprehensive rescue mobility" functions, the basic skills training of forest fire extinguishing and rain and snow frozen disasters, earthquake rescue, and earthquake rescueFor comprehensive rescue training, highlight the training focus to achieve strong training, and make every effort to maintain the safety of the lives and property of the people.(Shooting Read Titti Abutu, Zhang Zhili, Han Qinyan, Zhang Ting, Basha Tiegus, Song Weiguo, Zhang Yanfang, Hu Lizheng, Sun Kangkang, Hu Jinliang)


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