The "Eda Magic" completes the first trial operation, and the first commercial flight is broadcast an article

On the morning of December 25th,一线资讯 after the first trial operation of the first large -scale cruise ship "Eda Magic", the first large -scale cruise ship "Eda Magic" successfully arrived in Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port.Joy and pride.

As the last crown pearl from the shipbuilding industry in my country, the "Eda Magic" finally fulfilled the Chinese cruise dream.

The domestic first large cruise ship "Eda Magic".Photo by Xu Yan

Innovate the charm of Oriental Culture and build it for Chinese consumers

A large cruise ship is like a mobile city at sea.The "Eda Magic" has a total length of 323.6 meters and a width of 37.2 meters. There are 2826 cabin rooms, which can accommodate up to 5,246 passengers.Up to 16 -story upper building living areas, with rich leisure facilities such as theaters, specialty restaurants, shopping squares, art corridors and water parks.

The Cruise Atrium "Aida Square" is high.

The selected sea view house on the 9th floor.

26 restaurants and bars on the ship offer more than 400 Chinese and Western classics and innovative fusion dishes.

The first domestic large cruise ship was named "Magic Capital", which not only demonstrated its characteristics of "Shanghai design" and "manufactured in Shanghai", but also in line with the vision of promoting the culture of sea school and inheriting the urban character.In the product design, artistic design, and experience design, "Eda Magic", through "fantasy and colorful magic, magic of cultural blending, and trendy fashion" to create an experience of a beautiful city -state at sea for Chinese and foreign guests, conveying "cruise ships, Make life more exciting "brand concept.Its hull coating is inspired by the art of Dunhuang murals. With the theme of the "Silk Road", the Dunhuang Feitian and Tiansan Flowers of Chinese aesthetics are selected to integrate the classic colors and smart lines to innovate the charm of the oriental culture.

"Nian Nian Dunhuang: Digital Dunhuang Entering Aida Cruise" Art Exhibition

The "Eda Magic" will also tailor performance programs for Chinese tourists, create differentiated products through more localized elements, and resonate with domestic tourists' innovative experience and stimulate.

In the future, the "Eda Magic" will provide guests with a variety of travel vacation options that combine long, medium and short -term combinations, and timely launch the Maritime Silk Road Cruise route to create a national business card for sailing on the Maritime Silk Road.

Form a series of science and technology innovation results to achieve a breakthrough in domestic large -scale cruise ships

Earlier, large -scale cruise ships around the world were built in Europe, especially large cruise orders, which were mainly monopolized by four European shipping companies.

The arrival of the "Eda Magic" has filled the gap in large domestic cruise ships, realized zero breakthrough in the field of large domestic cruise ships, and made China the fifth country in the world with the ability to build large cruise ships.

The number of ships on this cruise ship reached 25 million, which is equivalent to 5 times the C919 large aircraft, 13 times that of the "Fuxing" high -speed rail, and the length of the cable used is 4,200 kilometers, which is about the distance from Shanghai to Lhasa.Giant system engineering.

During the construction time of more than three years, the cruise project team has conquered three core technologies that have run through the full life cycle of cruise ships throughout the full life cycle of cruise ships, and formed a series of scientific and technological innovation results.

Taking weight control as an example, most of the steel plates used in cruise ships are thin steel plates with a thickness of less than 8 mm, and it is almost the thickness of 4 1 yuan coins.Although the thin steel plate solves the problem of minusing the cruise ship, it is easy to deform during the process of carrying and processing.Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding has built a smart sheet production workshop. For the first time, the most international advanced high -power laser compound welding production line was adopted., Minimize the deformation in the production process.

Open the first commercial flight next year on New Year's Day, adding new vitality to the cruise economy

As the first domestic large cruise ship will start the first commercial flight next year, the domestic high -end cruise market pattern will usher in new changes.

From the perspective of cruise manufacturing, the manufacturing technology and management experience accumulated by the first ship will further accelerate the construction process of the second large cruise ship, and the closed -loop development of the entire industry chain in my country will be successfully achieved.

At the same time, the domestic first large cruise delivery operation also effectively expands the supply of local cruise capacity, so that the local cruise ship fleet presents a more comprehensive and differentiated structural system, enrich consumers' choice of cruise ship products, promote the differentiation of local cruise enterprises. Operation and overall competitiveness improvement, thereby realizing the interactive benefits of cruise manufacturing and cruise operations, and injecting new impetus into my country's cruise economy.

China Ship Group and Eda Cruise Management jointly awarded the "Eda Magic" captain and its team flag.

Talking about the operation of domestic large cruise ships, Guojia, director of the Development Director of Eda Cruise Business, said that cruise operations are actually a reflection of a team comprehensive ability.The connection is in place and needs to be continuously grinded and improved during the operation.Eda Cruises has made comprehensive preparations in the product service process, service experience, maritime safety, navigation safety, and ship coast connection, and continuously strengthen coordinated drills to ensure tourists' play experience.


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